Monday, February 23, 2009


We took a trip to Splash Universe over the weekend and had a great time!! We received the trip, as a Christmas gift from some good friends of ours.

Here are the smaller kids trying out the slide at the Kiddie Pool. That was a favorite because the water was really warm. Just like bath water. Grandma Cathy was always willing to hang out there because the water was the perfect temp.

This is Lyndsi (sorry picture a little blurry). She was moving so quick!
Here is Boog!! She just complete one of the bigger slides. She wasn't afraid of any of them. She even went on the biggest one with Matt. She only did it once!!

All that swimming sure makes you hungry--us refueling before bed??? I guess you should never sleep on any empty stomach. Just a note we did have popcorn too--not just sugar.

This is Landon before taking another run down the Vortex!!

Logan and Matt enjoying their time away from home.Lauren and Matt tried the double tube and it was a lot of fun. I, of course did all these fun things. But thankfully have no pictures to prove it. We also do not have a picture of Grandma Cathy in the lazy river with the kids. I'm sure she is sad that I could not post a picture of her in her swimsuit. (No wonder she always had the locker key!)

We had a great time, however, had to leave a little early due to the weather up there!

The little ones had so much fun--maybe too much fun?

Thanks to our good friends for a great trip.


Sarah said...

What a fun trip!! Especially in THIS weather!

Susie said...

Looks like a lot of fun! What a neat gift!

Erin said...

I'm jealous - that looks like a great place to be!! Looks like a very fun and memorable weekend :)

Pam said...

i dont' think i've heard of that one? how far away was it??? looks like a blast!