Monday, February 2, 2009

Get on the Bus

It's Monday and after 3 snow days last week--it was time to get "back on the bus". Even though it was a lot of fun to have Landon, Lauren, Logan and Lyndsi home with us all day. It was time to go back. I'm afraid if the weather doesn't straighten up we may never get out of school.

So this morning at this was what we saw:

The sun wasn't even up all the way yet but we were outside waiting for this:

So the bus came--I think the bus driver was laughing at me when he saw the camera flash! I don't know why he would be laughing at me??? Was I the only mother outside on this freezing February morning taking pictures?

Hope you are all having a great Monday. We (Ub, Boog and me) are---we have gotten a lot done but I guess we better hurry because you know it won't be long before we see:

The only differences will be that the sun is up and the kids getting off will be wearing dirty clothes and they will be hungry.


Sarah said...

You started a blog! Yay! Welcome aboard!

Janel said...

You got the comment thing fixed!! Good job!

soli deo gloria said...

A new blogger-how exciting! What we won't do for a good pic! Jane

Susie said...

I am so impressed how quick you have your blog set up! It looks great!

Anonymous said...

I loved Ubby's video on Godtube! Your family's soooo cute. I'm excited to keep up with your family through your blog, Julie.
Sarah Q Fiechter