Monday, February 9, 2009

Pizza Party

Sunday nights aren't any fun at home!!! So we went to Grandma Cathy's for a pizza party. Most people would just order pizza--but that wouldn't be as much fun! We like to make it a real party and make them ourselves. As you can see it was a real team effort. They guys are in the other room--Grandma's kitchen isn't big enough for everyone. The men were afraid they would just be in the way.

This is one of our garbage can pizzas (basically you use what ever is left at the end). Note: There is no pictures of the pizza fresh out of the oven. Sorry we were hungry.

We had a great time eating, talking and playing games.

As you can see from the pictures Grandpa and Grandma Gerber and Uncle Rex joined us. Mike and Mary Dean they too were in on the action. We cannot have a party without Mike and Deanie!!! (Thanks for putting up with us!)

We had a wonderful evening, the food was great, the fellowship was awesome, the memories--priceless!!!!!

Thanks Grandma Cathy--a great time was had by all!!!


Sarah said...

I am officially hungry.

Susie said...

I agree with Sarah and I am having a sudden craving for Pizza! What a fun family evening!

Jane E said...

What fun. . .I am hungry just looking at it! Do you do the pizzas in the rectangular pans? Jane

julie l said...

Yes we did use our church size jelly roll pans. At home I usually use my Pampered Chef stones. But the jelly roll pans work too.

Erin said...

Love the homemade pizza idea, looks so delicious!!! We were heading to Ohio to meet Darin's family Sunday evening, we followed vehicles pulling into your mom's..we figured a fun bash was taking place!