Friday, February 27, 2009

Remembering Grandpa Derryl

February, in the Lehman house, comes with mixed emotion. After just celebrating Ubby's third birthday--four short days later it is now February 27 and we are remembering this day twelve years ago when Matt's dad passed away after a very short but tough battle with cancer.

Derryl was a great guy. I smile when I remember him. He had a very dry sense of humor. He loved the Lord, his family, his friends, he had a real love for education and was a tried and true republican. During this past political season he would have loved to talk with Lauren, Logan, Landon, Lyndsi and Lexi about the election. He would have been so proud to see how interested they were in the whole system.

Cancer has brought our family a lot of sorrow but we have watched cancer give both my dad and Matt's dad the opportunity to meet people and share their faith with them. So even though we have had some sorrow, we are thankful for the chance they had to meet and share with others--touching the lives of, we don't know how many. We are so thankful for the time we had with them and are truly thankful for all the wonderful memories!


Susie said...

It is amazing how many people they have touched and in turn how many more people these people will touch.
I think they call it the ripple effect. I also find it amazing how closely grief and Joy can be related.
On one hand I can be so sad for me but so joyful for them which in turn brings me Joy.
Love in Him!

PS Julie you are amazing!! I want a new cute blog background! Will you help me??? :)

Carol said...

He sounds like a great man to celebrate and talk about.

Nice job on picking out a new blog background. I just changed ours, too. It's fun.