Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Thank you Vanessa for sharing the headband pattern with me. I looked it up on-line yesterday and thought that looks pretty easy, so this morning before Lauren went to school I made her a headband.

These bands are pretty easy to make. Actually they are so cute I can't wait to make some more! Of course that is good because Lyndsi was asking if I could make her a headband. So I better get busy.


Sarah said...


You whipped that up BEFORE school?! Pretty impressive!

Carol said...

Wow, great job! Good for you for liking it and just doing it.

soli deo gloria said...

How cute! What website did you find it on? I'll have to do some searching :) Jane

Pam said...

Good Job on the headband... Leah would like one too!! ;)

I see you won a prize over at Sarah's blog! How nice, the kids will be so happy!!