Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our new friends

We would like you to meet our new friends. They are our Webkinz. Logan, Lyndsi and Lexi each got one for Christmas. And don't ask where the two adorable Valentine ones came from, it's a long story. But we wanted you to meet our friends and tell you a funny (sort of) story.

For those of you that don't know about Webkinz, they are these cute little animals that you buy and then register them on the Internet. Then you can log on to the Webkinz website and feed, dress and decorate the room of your Webkinz. Well that sounds like fun--doesn't it. Well no one ever mentioned that you have to earn the money to do all this.
Well that isn't too bad for Logan and Lyndsi. But Lexi the only thing that she can do well is spend Webkinz money. So she is always asking for help. Lauren and Landon are very good about helping her log on and they help her earn money. However with them in school a good part of the day she has no one to turn to but me. So (finally here comes the sort of funny story)-- here's how it goes:

Lexi: Mom can you earn me money on Webkinz? (Ok she asked about 10 times)

Me: Of course Boog--I'm not doing anything --anyway

So I start playing a game on Webkinz to win her money so she can buy overpriced items for her stuffed animal. ($85 sunglasses to go with your $25 t-shirt)

The phone rings.

Lexi: I'll get it!-----Hello

Friend: Hi Lexi is your mom there?

Lexi: Yes

Friend: Can I talk to her?

Lexi: No, she is playing on Webkinz World right now--trying to earn me some money!

Well how cute is that! So the lesson we learn from that is: ALWAYS let the answering machine pick up when you are playing on Webkinz World. NO, NO, just laugh- it won't be long before she won't need me to play the games for her.
All and all the Webkinz thing is kind of fun. It is kind of a group activity here. So if you are ever bored, come on over and you can work on earning money for Lexi's Webkinz.

This is Stinky the skunk and Nana the monkey they are loved by Boog!

This is Creamy, the frog and Mocha, the dog. They belong to Lyndsi and she does a great job taking care of them.

This is Shiloh, the dog. He belongs to Logan.

Buzz Lightyear he belongs to Ubby. Buzz is not a Webkinz. Thank goodness. (I don't have time to earn money to feed and dress him too)!!!


Sarah said...

BUSTED!! That is so cute!

Emitt got a Webkinz for a baby gift. I still haven't taken the tag off to activate it because he loves to play with tags.

I NOW know who to call when I take that tag off. Rumor has it a certain Julie Lehman is an expert at Webkinz World! ;)

Pam said...

too funny! we have the valentine frog too! mabye be could get on and play together!! just like old times!! LOL!

Erin said...

You're hilarious, Julie!! I wondered why you didn't answer the phone yesterday :) Anna just got her first Webkinz. I didn't realize how fun the games would be for us too. ( personal fave game is Cash Cow!)

We'll have to hook our kids up to play together sometime :)

Anonymous said...

hillarious story! you are such a good mommy!!
Sarah Q

julie said...

Hey Erin--Cash Cow 2 is a little bit easier. Oh and there is a typing game that is kind of fun "Lunch Letters". It is the game of the day today. julie:)