Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another pool post

Last year, instead of going on a vacation, we decided to purchase the pool. So many times you spend hours, planning, packing, traveling to a vacation site and everyone's favorite part is the pool at the hotel. So we decided that we would just vacation at home and put a pool in the back yard. Let me just say that it was one of the best vacations. I loved it. I always knew where things were and I never got lost trying to find Wal-Mart or McDonalds!!!

However, it was sort of embarrassing when people would see how tanned we were and ask where we had been and we had to tell them that were were in our back yard.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's Summertime!!

Over the weekend. we put up the pool!!! Now, most of you probably didn't know that we had a pool. Don't bother to start searching back through last years posts to look for pictures and posts about it, because there are no posts and not 1 picture. We do not have a picture of the pool. You all know that cameras and water just don't mix. So this year, I was determined to at least get a picture. Now before I post a picture, let us keep in mind, this is a small above ground pool, nothing fabulous.

 This year, instead of filling it ourselves we decided to hire the Fire Dept. They deliver the water for a small charge. Instead of taking more than a day to fill it with your yucky well water they bring you this beautiful clear water and in 2 trips they fill your pool!!!!

 Oh yea, let's keep in mind when they bring you this beautiful water-- it is a steamy (lol) 55 degrees. And yes, if you are wondering the kids did swim that very afternoon!!! Matt and I didn't swim til Sunday, and by Monday afternoon the water was even warm enough for Grandma Cathy (sorry no picture!!!)
Well that is how we started off weekend!!! Hope that you all had a good one too.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

An update

It is time to interrupt this blogging vacation for update. So sorry for the long break, but of course, you can guess it has been kind of crazy around here. I will not be trying to catch up on what we have done everyday for the last three months. (Wow where does the time go?)

Anyway, part of the reason things have been so crazy is because, I have rejoined the working world. Yes, I have a part-time job!! And I LOVE it. I work 3 days a week at CR Designs in Berne. You know the lasting light people!!

These are just some of the beautiful candle sleeves we make. So anyway once a year, we have a dent and scratch sale. The sale is THIS weekend!! These candle sleeves go over an electric candle base. You buy a 3 watt bulb or a 6 watt bulb. They make excellent night lights!!! They are hand made in Berne!!!

Here are some of the girls getting ready for the sale. I think this sale is one of largest ones we have had. Lots of great deals!!! Many of the sleeves were only used once on display at a trade show.
These are just some of the electric bases you can purchase to display your candle sleeve.

The sale starts Friday at 9 am!!! You have got to check it out!! Hours for the sale are Friday 9-6 and Saturday 9-2.
The showroom (the top 2 pics) will be open too so you can check out all our top quality products!!! So if you don't have your Mother's Day gift yet, you may want to plan a trip to Berne. Just a noe: Citywide garage sales are Friday too.

Before I go I have to show you two of my favorite CR Designs employees.

Cooper (left) and Lilly (right)!! They come to work almost everyday. They are Golden Doodles and are so cute!!! How could I post about work with talking about them. They are always excited to see people. 

Well that is all for now, I have to get going. I have to get back to the candle sleeve making business this morning. Have a great day.