Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Company picnic

Once again the company that Matt works for held it family summer outing. This year we were at Bearcreek Farms. They had all sorts of games for kids and adults. It was a "western" theme (thus the really cool outfits). We all had lunch together, played games and swam at the water park. As you can see we had a lot of fun.

Riding "the bull"!!!
Eating snow cones, cotton candy and popcorn. We also got to help make the cotton candy. Lyndsi helped bag it up for others to enjoy.

Just hanging out!!

Ubby checking out the ponies.As you can see he really came a long way. More horses?Our two matching little outlaws!A trip in the lazy river.Splashin' around in the kiddie pool.
It was a great day. Not really very warm, but a nice day with no rain. You may be wondering where Landon is?
He had a tennis match on Saturday and was unable to join us. He and William won their matches!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First/Second day of school

Today is Lexi's first official day of school. Yesterday, she and I went to a meeting, the others had their first day of school. She got to meet the teacher and the kids in her class. They got to test out the new playground while I sat in her chair for a good 45 minutes and heard about what the will be doing this year.
So this morning she got in line with the others to get on the bus.

Lexi has spent many days watching the bus come and go, but today she finally got to get on the bus. She climbed the steps, when she got on--she just stood there and looked at all the kids. (That didn't last long the 4 other kids behind her gave her a push as she looked for her new friend Alexa).

Hope they have a great first/second day!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Gerber Gathering

About a month ago, I received an e-mail from my aunt Sheryl in Colorado saying that she, Lydia and Alex (Lydia's boyfriend) would be visiting our area in August they would love to see the family and they had never been to see Janelle, Audra or Julie's houses. Wouldn't a progressive dinner party be fun.

Well that got us all thinking--well it did sound like fun but how can we make that work. Cousin April is home also visiting from Tennessee so we start added and find out great we have almost perfect attendance 31 people. That is a lot of people for most houses. So we decided to stray from the progressive dinner party and do a house walk followed by a lovely dinner (?) at Julie's.
So we loaded up in the cars and hit the road. First stop Janelle and Tyler's.
OK--the little kids never did figure out why they would get to a house look at the toys and leave.
We saw a lot of the guys sitting on the couches. But the women really loved it.
OK back to the cars--heading to Audra's.
This is a picture of Audra's kitchen cabinets. I took this one for Uncle Tim, who miss the trip to IN this time. Audra's kitchen is exactly what Sheryl wants to do to her kitchen--maybe it was a good idea to stay home Tim.
Look they guys are off the sofa in the picture. I think they were getting hungry and realized they needed to keep us women moving or they would never get to my house for supper.
OK -- back to the Lehman's with 30 hungry people!!!!

All that touring made us very hungry!!!!

Not all of us were hungry--Blare and Janel's Reid slept while we ate!! (Hey Blare-- hope you are feeling better we sure missed you last night!!! Thanks for coming Janel and for what your brought.)

After supper we loaded up the golf car and gave rides. I think someone was on it for the rest of the evening.

These are my grandparents on the back of the golf car!!! When I told the ladies I was going to go get grandpa, so he could go for a ride--they laughed at me and told me it could not be done!!! HA

They played "Hillbilly Volleyball"!! Followed by a newly created game which we entitled "Hillbilly Tennis".

Yes 3 men per team is perfect when playing "Hillbilly Tennis"!!

We had an excellent time. Here are just the girl cousins--no boy cousin pictures Stacey wasn't able to join us and yes you heard Blare was sick. I guess we should have done with Jason too. It was a great visit. Lots more memories!! Thanks to all who joined us. Thanks to you readers--sorry about the long post.

Have a great week. School starts tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lake life

We here at the Lehman house know that summer is almost over. This past weekend we took our annual trip to the Kipfer cottage (my sister-in-law, Gwen's parents). There were a few snags to the beginning of our trip (long story), however, we had a great time.
We arrived on Friday, just in time for supper!! It was Landon's birthday, so of course we had cake and got to sing!
We woke up Saturday morning to a very gray and cloudy day. So our day of course began with more food. (That great picture is of Gwen and Grandma Cathy) (Sorry Deanie no picture of you helping with breakfast.)

After breakfast us ladies headed out for a walk. We saw so many beautiful cottages with such awesome flowers!! We stopped to talk to some friends and got caught in the rain. Once we returned home we played a game of Scattegories. Landon and Brier are always the team to beat. Grandma Cathy and Deanie lost by 2--they wanted a rematch however, that didn't happen. It was so funny it was three generations playing so a lot of the answers were totally different!!

We spent the afternoon in the water the sun was really wasn't out that much on Saturday, but we still had a lot of fun.

Saturday evening was our Mexican Fiesta!!! Gwen brought us supplies from The Party Gallery and she brought it all.

We enjoyed our tacos, beans, rice, salsa and guacamole (yes--I think I fixed my guacamole recipe, it isn't really very spicy, but it is really good) We used our plastic margarita glasses for our Dt. Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Ice tea, Lemonade or water.

Yes, Bre--I know Dr. Pepper--is the BEST!!!!!!!!!

After dishes we even batted at a Pinata!! It was a lot of fun!! (Sorry no pictures of that I was in charge of putting the blind fold on the kids and turning them around.--There is some video footage but not that exciting!!!)

Sunday morning was beautiful!!!!! We hurried, ate our breakfast had a short church service and were out on the lake. Swimming, knee boarding and tubing!!!!

Yes, Ubby tubed for the first time. I think this is Lexi's second year (or her third?). Ubby is with Landon on the tube on the right. Can you see his legs under Landon's arm?You can tell it was a beautiful day--all the chairs are empty!!! Thanks so much Stacey, Gwen, Bre and Brier for having us back again this year. Once again we had a great time--lots of really good memories!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's a bling thing

I love to craft!! I wanted to share this really fun and easy project with you guys. Lauren and I made this last week and hopefully it will come in very handy.
Lauren has several necklaces and she was hanging them on a lamp she had. Then Lauren's good friend Sharon gave her a bulletin board. I looked at that and thought yes!! Here is the answer to at least our necklace issue. So here is our project: We started by painting the frame to bulletin board.
(Check out the little feet in the picture below--that is going to help you solve the mystery in the next picture.)

HUMMMM!!! Guess there was really no need to tape that off now was there!! Little brothers you've got to love them.

Anyway, we covered the cork with a piece of leftover fabric from her curtains.

Covered the raw edges with ribbon. (Found those awesome yellow thumb tacks at our local Ace Hardware store!!--You have to love living in a small town. You would be surprised how many things you can buy at the Hardware store for your craft projects.)

Then we screwed in some hooks into the top of the frame.

Strung some extra Christmas tree beads to hang it.

Tied it with a bow!!!!

And waaaa--la--you have a thing to hang your bling!!!!!!