Monday, November 29, 2010


Lauren's friend Hannah is VERY ill. The Doctors are not sure what is wrong right now.

Remember her family in prayer also.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving
From all of us to you!!

We hope that you have a very special day and take a little time to enjoy your many blessings!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas before Thanksgiving

I don't think I have ever started decorating for Christmas before the day-after Thanksgiving. However, this year--I have started. Each year I complain about how hard I work dragging all this stuff out and I only have it out for a month. So to help with that, I decided it pull it out early. Now I don't have a tree up; however, the day is not over--yet.

Just a little sneak peak at some of the things I have been working on.

The candy-cane themed mantel
I have seen pictures like this--but made my own 3-D version.

The white, silver and gray shelf

The Nativity
The kitchen table

Well there you have it!! A quick glance at the Christmas stuff we have out so far. With the help of some spray paint and several $1 packages of Christmas ornaments --it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas is coming

Has anyone really done the math on this? According to my homepage, there are 38 days and 16 hours (roughly) til Christmas. WOW--where has the year gone?

There are so many things to be doing!!!!! I have already started my shopping. This week I need to order my Christmas cards. So here is a really great tip.

If you remember my card from last year?

You can send a 4 X6 print in the mail as a post card!! Really saves on postage and you can still have a lot of fun with it.

I like to back my print with some card stock--you can just glue 4X6 index cards to your print if you like. I makes your print a still sturdier.

Of course, I always like to complicate matters by having to stamp some color on the back. (And then I also have look for a few days that it isn't raining or snowing before I mail--so the ink doesn't run).
And Christmas wouldn't be the same if it didn't require all family members to come to the table and sign their name around 100 times.

Anyway--back to the original reason for this post. Snapfish is running a special right now. (I did something like this last year). If you place a $10 order you can get up to 365 prints FREE!!!!!! You can also do 100 prints or just 50. I received an e-mail about this but you can also see it at my cousin, Janelle's blog here. This offer would make your cards FREE (of course, you would pay for the postage)--but what a deal.

This is a must-get done this week thing. Pictures have been taken. Thank you Tara!! Now, I must be going. Lots to do. I think I am doing some crafting today!!!

Have a great day!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A blast from the past

Last week, I received the new L L Bean catalog. As I was thumbing through it I ran across these.

I had these in High School! Seriously, they are back!!! Now if you go back just a couple of posts you will figure out that that was only 20 years ago.

Hopefully, if the shoes are back----so is my favorite thing from high school.. . . . . .


You know that was fun!! I can almost smell the aqua-net hairspray. That hair took a ton of time to create each morning.

Thanks for taking a stroll down memory lane with me. Hope you have a great day!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back from a blogging break

Not that I have been anywhere or done anything exciting in the past three weeks since my last blog post--I just have not taken the time to sit down and update. Almost everyday goes by and I think I should really update the blog and it just never happened. So here it is the long awaited update.

First of all,we saw the end of the marching band season. Lauren really enjoyed her first year in color guard. She enjoyed the time she spent with her friends in color guard and in the band. We attend the awards ceremony. She received this bar for her letter jacket.

For my birthday, which was during my blogging break, I received this lovely crock-pot from my husband and the kids.
I sent my brand new crock-pot to work with my husband, the company that he works for was having a chili cook off!! The crock-pot came back in one piece and we (I am not sure what he did) won 6th place out of around 20!!!! Of course, there was only a prize for 1st--but it was still fun.

Finally--I have spent a lot of time sewing recently. I have finally finished a new purse for myself--along with a new matching checkbook cover, driver license holder and wrist key lanyard. I don't have pictures of those yet--but I am enjoying those.

I also whipped up an apron for my nephew's wife-to-be. I helped with a bridal shower for her last weekend and decided for her gift to make her an apron and give her the latest copy of our church cookbook.

I am planning on making a couple more like this as Christmas gifts. I already have the fabric and now am just looking for an hour or so--so I can get going on that.

Well that about sums up my 3 week vacation from blogging. I have been checking in on you my blogging buddies even if I have been a bad girl and not always commenting.

Hope you are all have a great day and enjoying this beautiful weather.