Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Saturday afternoon

Yesterday, we had the chance to spend some time with some friends. She is starting a new photography business, so since I have several children it gave her a chance to try some different things. We had a great time.
Thanks so much Tara it was fun.
Check it out:
Note: Some of you may be seeing these pictures again--I am starting to think Christmas cards.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh where has my little dog gone?

I'm sure you all remember back in April when I caved in and said yes to getting a puppy. Murphy was the new addition to our crew. He was a cute little fur ball. Well-----don't worry Murphy is still here but---he is sure not little anymore.

Here is my little dog?
OK-first this is not my dog. Logan is his mater! Second, he is not little.

As you can see he has really grown; however, he still is a puppy. He can run like a speeding car and jump like a high jumper (just a note: if you live in a house with kids that do not like pets these are not good qualities for your dog to have).

Normally, Murphy stays in a very large pen and that keeps him away from guests we may have and it also keeps off the road, but we let him run free each day you should see him go.

This is the picture I took of Murphy--see he know that if he wants me to pet him he must lay down. The only problem is sometimes he forgets. He looks so sweet here. He can be if he is not digging up flowers, jumping on someone or something else he is not supposed to be doing.

OK there you have it--a Murphy update!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

A post about flowers

I know I have shared how much I love to play in the dirt. I realized that I have spent more time watering and weeding this summer than I have been posting. So I wanted to post a few pictures, so you could see what I have been up to.
This was a fun, little project, it started as a few sickly looking plants and an old ice cream bucket--that I cut holes in the sides of and filled with dirt.
Then after some sun, some water and a little love:

Yes--It sure filled out nicely.

OK this was going to be the entire post--but then I realized it kind of sounded like I have spent my summer watering this--well it was more than this one. I am slightly obsessed with flowers. I love all the color in the summer. It always amazes me, how you can put a couple of plants in a tube and they fill it to overflowing. I makes me kind of sad to see the blooms starting to fade away. So before I go I thought I share a few more pictures.

OK there you have it--some of the plants I've been watering this summer. I have been making lots of notes about what worked and what didn't and I am so excited, because this year I think I do have pictures of all of my flower pots so next year before I go shopping I will be able to make an even better list of what I need. Hope you guys have a great weekend.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A place to hang---your headbands

So where, do you store your headbands? I have been making Lyndsi and Lexi some new headbands to wear to school. I just love this pattern, if you remember way back in February I made some for Lauren. I discovered this summer that they really work well for Lyndsi and Lexi.

So I have spent the last couple of weeks making some for them. They really don't take long, but you know how it is you make one here and there--finish them as you need them. The pattern came from Heather Bailey's blog. It is really easy and you make them to fit you. So now that I have all these headbands, where and how do you store them?
So I came up with this headband stand. I went to the local hardware store and made two purchases:

Look at all that pipe!! (I still have some left)

All that pipe cost me about $4-I had to take it home and cut it myself; however, since I was coming up with pattern on my own that worked out best for me.

After my trip to the hardware store, I did have to go to Wal-mart to get the block and spray paint. But it was quick and easy to put together--it ended up being bigger than I really wanted, but it does the job. You know how it is with kids--they won't want to wear headbands in 6 months from now anyway--so for now it is a great storage solution for us. So that is where we hang our headbands!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Still here!

Yes, we are still here. This morning I was checking all of my favorite blogs and noticed under my name it said 2 weeks (since I had updated). I used to think that blogger should take your blog away from you if you went more than a week without updating. Luckily they don't and I am not sure that I still believe that.
We have had so much going on it is crazy!! Each morning we have been getting this stuff out the door. (Missing from this picture is Matt's lunch box, and his 2 coffee containers.)

Once they are gone, Ubby and I spend the rest of the day, doing laundry, going to the grocery store and other fun stuff. It has not all been bad. Ubby and I have been able to go on several stroller rides, been to visit my Grandparents and a couple of other really fun things.

4 of the 5 return from school. As you know, Landon has been playing tennis this year, so we have been seeing a lot of this

He is really enjoying it and so are we, it has been fun to watch and learn more about the game.

Speaking of learning, I have been working on my texting skills. That is the best way to keep in touch with Landon. Because we have prepaid phones it actually uses less minutes to text. I am pleased to say I am getting much better at it. I can now even read the entire message he sends me--instead of just the beginning (long story!!)

Well I must be going--it is getting late and you know what that means--everyone will be home soon. Have a great day!!