Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's out with the cold

I have finally had enough of winter. I realize that just because I am tired of it, doesn't mean it is going away anytime soon. I decided that I shouldn't dwell on winter so I was going to get rid of my winter decorations and move onto something a little cheerier!! Now, I did consider putting silk flowers in my outdoor flower pots. However with the major winds we have been have this week--I knew that was a little unrealistic.
So here you have the winter decorations:

and the Valentine's Day Decorations!!!

I found these great project here! She made hers a topiary. I just used these candle stick things that I found at the local dollar store.

Seriously, this was a lot of fun. Now, I am off to finish the centerpiece for my kitchen table.
Just a note, I will not post all of the crazy projects I am working on, but this one is very easy and so fun.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Look who's blogging now!!!

Yes, another one of my family members has started her own blog. Yes, Grandma Cathy (my Mom). Here she is pictured with her mom, Grandma Ada.

Grandma Cathy's blog Cathy's Corner can be found here. As many of you know, she has been making cards for 13 years or so and has been selling Close to my Heart for about 12. She has decided to finally take the plunge into the blogging world, to share some of cards, so you can make them at home. At least you can recreate these cards even if you don't have the same stamps as she does--it is a great place to go for ideas.

I think it is going to be mainly stamping stuff. I think she is saving all the great family stuff for me to blog about. That was at least the original plan. OH NO maybe I should have made a contract with her before she started. You might be reading a lot about the same stuff.

Anyway, go on over and checkout her new blog. Leave her a comment!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Just an FYI

You know how you see those cool projects on a blog and think, I could do that but you are sure it never turns out that way. This one does work. I saw it here . You need to give it a try.
It would make a great centerpiece if you are hosting a Valentine's Day Party. It is super easy and is only $4 to make.

Went to Dollar General and found a candle stick holder for $1.

After a trip to Wal-mart, I found the skinny vase thingy for $3.

Got out my hot glue gun. Glued the candle holder to the vase and ==ta-da=== a VASE with a BASE. If you want to buy one at the store, ready made they are like $15. It was really easy and very quick.

I filled it with some old silk flower petals I had. Tied it with some ribbon from my stash. Put it on a shelf.
For those of you who have been to my house and don't recognize this shelf. Yes, I changed everything on it!! After 6 years it was about time.
So if you are looking for a fun, quick project, give it a try. If you have a project that really works let me know--I LOVE trying new things.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We ate, we played, I lost

Sunday, we went to Mom's for pizza and after supper had a red hot game of Scattergories. I am not sure why, but it is a family favorite. We usually play teams so we can get more people involved. Due to the fact that Stacey and his family were not able to come, we were a few people short. So I played the entire game alone! (Please keep that in mind when the results come at the end--oh wait I think I gave it away in the title.)
OK--I don't remember the last time we played the game to the end--but this time we did. I was doing really well. Usually Landon and Brier are the team to beat but since Brier wasn't there Landon and Logan held the lead most of the way. I was in second place most of the game. Uncle Rex had never played the game and Matt usually opts out, but Sunday they were a team--a team that ended up winning the game by 1 point.
The final answer that Matt gave medicine/drug that started with a letter P==Pseudoephedrine (the real drug for Sudafed). Seriously--no one believed Matt. We made him google it to prove himself. So he and Rex won by 1 point.
REMATCH is in the air. This is serious. Teams are forming. Grandma Cathy and Deanie are pretty good together, of course there will be Landon and Brier--now it looks like Rex and Matt could be the team to beat.
Next time I will have a partner. I am making t-shirts for us to wear. I want to win!! (OK--there are no t-shirts (yet)) Gwen and I are pretty good together, Lauren and I haven't done too bad. I am thinking it over. Can't wait for the rematch--watch for upcoming blog post about it.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Let it snow????

OK--who ordered the snow??

Your order was delivered to our house and you need to come pick it up.

Thank you the Lehman's.


The kid got out of school early yesterday--they loved that.

Today we are starting with a 2-hour delay; however, they are forecasting 20 mph winds--delay may change to closing.

To our good friends Jud and Margret in the SUNNY south, thought you would enjoy these pictures.

This picture is for you Jud.

The tractor did a great job. (Matt did a great job, too.) Thanks.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Stay warm!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How handy!!

The other day, the kids and I needed to scrape the windows of the car before a trip to town. :( We of course couldn't find the scraper. :( Never fear--I don't need to scrape the windows today. But I have found our window scraper!!
Yesterday, while checking out some of my favorite crafting blogs I ran across a mitten covered scrapper. So today while I was waiting on the dryer, I went and created one of my very own.

I think this will be very handy. This one is not perfect; but when it is cold outside--I don't think I will mind it's imperfections.

I have been saving this fabric for the perfect occasion and I believe this is it. This awesome mitten also has a flannel lining and some thick batting. I am not sure that Matt is going to be real crazy about it--I don't think it is a print most men would go for--but it is cute.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Logan and the Ripstik

This year for Christmas Logan got a Ripstik. Of course, as you know, the weather hasn't been real good for being outside. But yesterday, before it got really bad, Landon and Logan went out to film this video. Landon added really cool effects near the end. Check out the video below: