Thursday, April 30, 2009


Life with the Lehman's is never dull. There is always something fun and exciting happening. Fun and exciting is all in the way you look at it!!

So here is the story: Setting: It is Tuesday afternoon about 2:30

I am putting laundry away, Ub is taking a nap and Lexi well who knows what she had been doing before she shows up asking. . . .

Lexi: Hey, Mom (which I must hear from here 5,000 times a day right now)--

Me: Yes, Lex--what do you need?

Lexi: What's this?

Me: What's, what--(I turn to look at her)

She has her arm lifted and it looks like a small spider under her arm!!
(Luckily I am not afraid of spiders like many other is my family like: Grandma Cathy, Deanie and Aunt Joni)

So I go over and try to get it off -- it is attached. I suddenly realize it is a tick. So like any good mother I grabbed the phone and called my good friends at the DR office. They kindly asked a few questions and scheduled me an appointment at 4:30--just 2 short hours after finding this critter attached to my child!! I quickly start getting ready to go to the DR, started supper because you know how DR appointments can be --I hope to be home before bedtime at this point!

Here is Lexi at the DR sporting her new sticker.
(A much better picture of her sticker--that she loved because Mickey was playing the guitar--you know that kind that makes lots of noise!)

This is a picture of the tick under her arm. At this point it was all curled up, looking very much dead, but still hanging on!! Now for those of you that know anything about ticks--he's not!!

The good DR finally arrives in our room, studies it, announces that it is a dog tick-they don't carry any disease-they are just a bother!! So he easily removes the tick.
While he sticking it in a small cup and covering the bug with rubbing alcohol, he asks if I want to take it home. I laugh. (thinking: Is he serious: did he really go to college? what kind of question is that?, that is before I know that..)

He was giving me all this info like how they usually suck blood and grow to be the size of the end of a finger (gross) and some other real interesting tick facts. Then he looks back at the tick and announces that the little critter is trying to crawl out of the cup!!!!! Like I was going to take it home!!! Maybe he is crazy!

The trip to the DR was very educational and very painless.

That's just LIFE WITH THE LEHMAN'S!!!!!

**A fashion note: I do realize that Lexi's outfit doesn't match (the pants have a pink stripe down the leg)--but I wanted her to wear the tank so they could remove the tick easily!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Things here at the Lehman house are in bloom. I just love this time of year when things come back to life!!! Yesterday, I looked around and everything is so green and full of new life,-- it so exciting! I knew, more than likely, it was going today, so I grabbed the camera to take some pictures of our flowering tree and such, they were so pretty.

As I am outside taking pictures--I spotted these:

These are always one of the first signs of spring. I started thinking about the dandelion! God created it--it is sort of pretty. I have not taken the time to do a total research on this flower; however, I know they have a reason for being. I will enjoy them--I just wish they would stop growing in my yard.

I hope that you are enjoying the beauty around you!!! Have a great day!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Long ago I said I would post pictures from our Spring Break project. (For those of you that don't know what that is. . . let me share.) As most people around me started making their reservations for FL, I started thinking. . .hum. . . what should we do over Spring Break????? Why not the kids would love to remove the wallpaper in the bathroom, I mean really it is almost like Florida. (When we shut the door all the steam from the steamer warmed us up in a hurry!) So anyway, all my friends were making reservations so why not--I called my local Ace Hardware store and reserved a steamer! It was set we would start taking wallpaper down on Monday of Spring Break. So we did.
This is a picture before all of our hard work began!!!

Here is Logan working hard in the FL like atmosphere!!!

This Lauren showing how easy wallpaper removal can be!!!

Now the wall paper almost fell off the walls and I thought this is a breeze!! So within an hour and a half we had all the wall paper off.
So anyway, that was the bathroom ready for paint. This is where the story gets sort of long. I will not get into the details. I will share however, since we had already rented the steamer we went to the master bathroom and decided to take that wallpaper off too; however that wasn't as easy but we got it done. I also thought we should go ahead and take of the border in the master bedroom. (OK not one of my better ideas.) See I told you this is were the happy story starts to go bad. (This must be like the traveling to FL! (LOL) )

I will share more about this amazing project later, much later!!! Really I love it all--we are still working on the master bed and bath. (painting done just finishing up the details)

Oh yea-- I almost forgot--here are the pictures of our finished bathroom:

This is the reason I hadn't posted. I couldn't decide what to put on my awesome new shelf thing. NOTE: The items on this shelf are subject to change without notice!

Oh and I couldn't post this without giving my Mom credit for making these fabulous pictures!!!

Well that's about all for today. If you are still reading you deserve a prize. Sorry this turned out longer than I thought, once I started sharing--I just couldn't stop. That is so not me!!! Have a great day! :)))

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Murphy is growing like a weed. He is now in a bigger cage and can now . . .

use the pet door to go outside and get some fresh air all by himself!! They grow up so quick don't they??

Murphy loves to get out and run free!! His favorite toy is an old towel!! He loves to play keep away. The boys can really tucker out the poor little guy!!
Murphy is a lot of fun and we can't wait for the weather to straighten out so he can get even more exercise!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Go fly a kite!!

Spring is in the air and so is Ubby's new Buzz and Woody kite. The weather is so beautiful, we are enjoying every minute of it.
The kids are getting a real kick out of this $3 kite I bought at CVS. Now don't worry, the kite will not get into those power lines, because due to circumstances beyond by control we have a knot in the string. (Please don't mention this to Daddy--he put it on different string so we could fly it higher. That was great for the older ones but the little ones can't handle too much string. Just an FYI.)
So if you have time, go out and enjoy this beautiful weather . And remember to thank the one who sent it. Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter blessings

We truly had an awesome Easter weekend. Really if want to know the truth we had two weekends of Easter fun. But I won't bore you with all the details of it all. Just know that we are so thankful and blessed to have shared time with both of our families plus my extended families. How lucky are we to have spent time with both sets of my grandparents. And at the risk of sounding like some soggy Hallmark or credit card ad, the time was==priceless!!

So I hope you enjoy the pictures of some of the things we did, almost all of the pictures are from the Stucky gathering at Swiss Village: egg hunt, musical chairs, card games--fellowship the list goes on. . . the Gerber gathering was so much fun also, however, the photographer was a little to busy talking to get lots of pictures. Oh well you just saw pictures of them last month--not much has changed.

Hope that you had an awesome Easter too!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter candy!!

Candy art!--don't we have creative kids?
Allison and Lauren modeling the latest in Easter candy fashion!!!
We had a great Easter weekend-I'll post more about it later! But for right now I have got to get back to my huge list of things to do today. Stay tuned for more of our Easter fun!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Murphy Footage

Here is more about Murphy:

We're having lots of fun with Murphy... can you spoil a dog?!?!

Science Fair

Last week at this time Lauren's science fair project was due, so we took it down to the Middle School to be judged. Last night we got to go to the STAR Expo and check out the projects (book reports and such) that our middle school kids (Logan and Lauren) had been working on all year. Sorry no pictures of the projects :(. I guess I could pull up the Ronald Reagan book report but you have all seen that one. I didn't want to take a picture of our board game, frankly I had seen enough of that one and don't care to ever see it again. (Maybe his teacher would like to keep it as a sample for next year?)

We were also able to see Lauren's science fair project plus a lot of other really neat science experiments. Here is Lauren's display board!
Lauren project was entitled: Apples to Apples. She tested different ways of treating apples and Apple Dippers to see how long it took each apple slice to turn brown. This was definitely an educational experience and we learned much.

One apple slice she did not treat at all, another slice was treated in Sprite (soak 60 seconds on each side), the third slice was treated in pure lemon juice (soak 60 seconds on each side) and the fourth slice was an Apple Dipper from McDonald's. So we let them set out at room temp for days!

As you can probably guess the slice that was not treated started turning brown within an hour and the slice in Sprite followed shortly behind! Now the the one treated in lemon juice lasted really about a good day but the Apple Dipper started to dry out before it turned brown.

This is not a good picture of our results (and to be honest with you this picture was taken the second time we ran the experiment due to a small accident with the apple slices. (UBBY)) Also the second time we ran the test we used 7-Up and it didn't keep the slice fresh very long either. :(

OUR findings: we don't know what the Apple Dippers are treated in to last that long in that bag and then 2 days on our counter--but we are thinking next time you should just order the french fries--they might be better for you! (Also those Apple Dippers don't even taste like apples.) So next time you have apple slice and need to treat them use lemon juice it works best.

So for completing her project she and some of her other classmates will be traveling to the Challenger Learning Center for a day of Scientific Fun.

(For those of you that checked the blog today for more pictures of Murphy those will be coming tomorrow. And for those of you that were hoping that I finally have my Bathrooms and Bedroom makeover pictures ready---hang on that post will be coming soon. Sorry things have been really busy here.!)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Puppy!!

We have an addition to the Lehman Family--after much thought and dragging my feet as much as possible. I have lost the battle. We are the proud owners of a PUPPY!!!!!

You might remember Logan blogging about it over spring break. Well we received bad news yesterday that--that dog had passed away. So after a few tears Matt, Logan and Jud went to pick out a different puppy and I am sure you will agree that this one is just as cute or maybe--even cuter!!! So without any further delay we want you to meet the newest member of the Lehman family . . .

Murphy (sorry we are out of L names!)