Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More from the musical!

With only one more practice for the musical (tonight), I thought I'd better post. You can see what we have been up to. Practicing 3 nights a week has sure kept us busy. There are really no good pictures of the musical since I am in it. You get to see, more of a behind-the-scenes look at it.
Here are Lexi and Lyndsi on stage waiting for the curtain to open!
Lexi and some of the others on stage practicing for the festival!
Waiting to go on stage!! Don't you love their outfits? Ja
Keeping busy on our off time. We have several younger kids and it is tough keeping them quiet. Of course, we have several teenage girls, too. If you don't care to color, you can always play video games.
Right, Juli (that of course, is his character name!)

As you can see we are all having a "Grand Old time in Switzerland"!! I don't know that I am really cut out for show biz--unlike Lauren!!! She is really good--now if only a little of her would rub off on Logan, Lyndsi, Lexi and I things would be going great!! For those of you out there that think the Bible School program is hard, you should try this--not only do you have to smile remember the words--here you need smile, remember the words and act like someone else- all at the same time!!!!

If you are in the area, come and see the show!! It should be most entertaining--JAAA!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Corn--how fun!!! My grandfather is a farmer and for as long as I can remember we have had all the sweet corn a person could want. So following tradition, yesterday, the kids and I froze some corn so we can enjoy it all year long.

Some of my friends freeze corn--they always want to know how many dozen ear we have done. I actually didn't count--'

I don't think it really matters I am going with the answer SEVERAL.

There are many new ways to freeze corn, but I am of the opinion that Grandma has done it this way for YEARS so if it is good enough for her--it is good enough for me.

Let me just share the process, our family has used for years.

First, husk the corn!!! (Sorry no picture--I was 90 degrees and 5 of the kids were helping me.)

Then you bring it to a boil.

Then take it outside--and run it under the hose!!!

Bring it back inside for a nice ICE bath!!!!


(OOPS!!! No picture again!!!---but I do have a picture of it boiling again. When you cook it about 15-20 ears at a time--you spend a little time watching corn boil.)

Next cut it off the cob!!!

Then bag it!!! And FREEZE!!!

Corn--what fun!! Thankfully we are done for another year! Now today, LAUNDRY!! I never do laundry on Wednesday, but it is always fun to try something new---however, I am not sure that that applies to laundry.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

You are not going to believe it!!!

You are not going to believe this, because I can hardly believe it myself. Our small town has a festival every summer to celebrate our Swiss heritage. So many exciting things happen, there is shopping, food, games, tournaments and a musical. So when they were looking for chorus people, right away Lauren was ready to be on that stage once again. Logan joined with some encouragement. Lyndsi and Lexi wanted to join too.
I knew Lauren and Logan would be fine, but I was a little unsure that Lyndsi and Lexi could do all those practices and 3 performances without some supervision. I told Lyndsi and Lexi that I would have to join with them. (You see, Matt was my first thought, but he has been really busy at work--so I knew he couldn't make all those practices:()

Now for those of you, that don't know me, I don't sing really all that well. I have been thinking that I could be tone deaf? But because Lyndsi and Lexi really wanted to do it and my small town needed people to stand on the stage, sing and ACT happy, I told the girls we would go to one practice and see.

My theory was to stand in the back so I could keep an eye on the girls, smile, act happy and sing softly so no one would be bothered by it.

So being the fun, out-going individual that I am, I said well, we would go to one practice. Well at that practice we could see that they needed chorus people and I signed my name. Yes, I am in the MUSICAL.

Well the girls were so excited and my small little town needed the people to stand on the stage to sing and act happy. There will be no blending into the back row--I am the back row--standing right behind Lyndsi and Lexi!!! There are several other chorus members--it is that I was thinking there would be maybe like 30. We have been practicing 3 nights a week. It has been fun. I've gotten to know some of the people from my small town better. Lyndsi and Lexi are always ready to go to practice. So if you are in my area at the end of July and are looking for some real entertainment. Come check us out. Lauren and Logan actually each have a speaking line or two.

More pictures to come soon!! Hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A flag makeover

Lauren joined the color guard this year. Yes, she will be marching with the band this fall. This week is band camp. It has been 90 degrees everyday this week. Perfect (ha ha) . Luckily band camp starts at 7 and is over by 11 so it hot but they are missing the hottest part of the day.

They have practice flags. They have a real flag that they use for performing. I think everyone in our family has asked her--"Lauren, why is the flag blue?" IT IS A PRACTICE FLAG!!!

So you can make your own practice flag, if you wish. She didn't have to ask me twice. I love projects like this!!! A chance to make something--LOVE IT!!!!

Lauren's new practice flag!!!!

I would have loved to add some ribbon, or a large L in the middle of the flag, but I think for at least this year, this makes enough of a statement. Doesn't it make you smile? From that very dirty royal blue to the cheery pink zebra stripe--made even Lauren smile about being outside for 4 hours in the sun!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Flowers 2010

Is it just me, or are your flowers not doing as well as last year? Maybe some of you remember last years post on flowers, if not you can check on it here. This year some of my flowers are not very happy. Frankly this planter has a late September look to me.

Planter 2010
Planter 2009

See the difference?? I don't know what is going wrong. I am using the same watering system as I did last year.

I know it is pretty HIGH-TECH!!!

Yes, there are a few bright spots in my landscaping this year. That is if you take the picture at the right angle.

Unfortunately, come fall I have a ton of work to do. But I thought I'd share a few of the nicer things with you now. Like I've tried to cut out all the weeds and not show the things that need to be thinned down or just completed pulled out. But in this heat, I've opted to enjoy my flowerbeds as they are now and wait til fall to move or remove anything.

Enjoy this summer day and whatever you have growing!!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Yea, I think that covers our day. The day went by really fast. If you remember yesterday, I mentioned that I needed to be making baby gifts. So since I was going to see Blare and Janel and baby Cole last night, I was on a mission to finish his gift.

I also finished baby Ezra's gift. He was born this week and his grandparents are heading down to meet him, so I wanted to send his gift with them.

The kids have been begging for a slip and slide. So while at Wal-mart yesterday ( getting more ribbon) I picked up a slip and slide for $5. Yes, it did last more than one day--so the plan is they are going out after breakfast today for more fun. I suggested waiting til after lunch. You know you use water from the hose--so it is COLD!

Finally, last night my uncle is home from Colorado, so Grandpa and Grandma G. took the crew to Pizza King. (Some of us were unable to be there, like Matt--who has been gone all week!! )

Oops!! I noticed I don't have a picture of the rest of the kids. Sorry!!

Let me wrap up yesterday, sewing, slip-n-slide and supper---A SUPER SUMMER DAY!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Part 2 of our trip

WOW---can you believe it, blogging 2 days in a row!!! Thanks to you ladies who made me feel better about being a bad blogger.

I thought I'd share a little about what we did when we weren't hiking.

Of course after a long day on the trails a dip in the hot tub would be perfect!!!

The hot tub was BROKEN!!!!!!!!! (GRRRRR)

But since the temps were in the upper 80s we all spent some time in the pool. We ate pizza at the hotel one night and since Matt and I celebrate our 19th anniversary the night before we left and Stacey (my brother--check him out here ) and this wife Gwen celebrated their 18th anniversary when we returned--Mom took us all out to eat at a really good restaurant.

You know how my family is, we must play Scattergories.

Once again--the team of Brier and Landon couldn't be stopped because they added Matt.
OK--I hate to boast; however, feel that I must share that on the first night Lauren and I finished just 2 points behind them!!! Yea for us!!

Moving on, after 2 days of hiking we opted to do something different on Friday. Since Columbus is on our way home we stopped at:
The Columbus Zoo!!!

Yes, more walking outside in the heat!! I think I shared several times that I much prefer an air-conditioned museum; however, we still had a great time. Check out a few more animal shots.

Well, I think that pretty much wraps up our trip. It was lots of fun. Thanks to all who participated. We are already taking about next year!!!

But for now, I must be going. Several of my cousins and their spouses are having babies, 2 of the 3 have had them and I need to work on baby gifts. I have a stack of fabric in the basement that is calling my name. I may be back tomorrow with a post on baby gifts or -----3 days in a row??? Only time will tell.