Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Playin' dress-up

This morning as I was doing some of the laundry from the musical. It started the girls and Ubby dressing up in costumes. Then Lauren went on a search for her head piece from my cousin Janelle's wedding.

After lunch Ubby was trying to wear the little crown and I decided to put him in the flower girl dress Lauren wore in April's wedding. (Sorry no pictures--I have already scared the poor boy by making him model it for the family.)

Much to our surprise, the dress from April's wedding fit Lexi.

And the dress from Janelle's wedding fit Lyndsi.

So we quickly did their hair and dressed them up. Then had a little photo shoot.
We even dug out our ring bearer pillows from Audra's wedding and I believe the other pillow is from Janelle's wedding.

Then things got a little crazy and somewhat out-of-hand!

Friday, March 12, 2010

It's Almost Show Time!

Yes, we have almost made it to the end of the yellow brick road. Last night, we did make up on the main characters and everyone was in costume. Therefore Danna and I spent most of the night with needle and thread fixing small things!!!

Wicked Witch after make-up!!!

Mr. Tin Man

Tin Man and the Wizard

I've spent the a lot of time with these 2 guys. Two really nice guys. Mr. Tin man deserves an award. He has the warmest and the messiest costume; however, he is not as messy as he was a week ago. You see someone suggested that we spray paint a sweat suit. NOTE: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!! The paint just never really dries and rubs off on everything that it touches.
So now that tin man isn't as messy, the messy award will have to go to the Scarecrow
We are adding more raffia strips to his outfit today. Yes, he will, by the end of the day, have the award for messiest!!!

Now, you must be wondering, I keep talking about Danna, but yet you have never seen her. Well here it is. A picture of Danna with her best friend the Lion. Danna has spent many hours working on this outfit. I just had to get a picture of them together.

Our good friend Lion is one crazy guy!!Watch out for him!!!!
The good witch---maybe she should use some of her magic there in the dressing room!! Lots of girls!!! Lots of stuff!! (Maybe I'll ask to borrow her wand!)

We are having a lot of fun. We are in the final stretch. And at this point, if it can't be fixed with a needle and thread, a sharpie or. . .
glue gun it is not going to get done!!!!
The show starts tonight at 7 p.m. Good luck to all those kids!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An Oz update!

After a very busy week, I have finally remembered to take all of my homework and my CAMERA to Oz practice. We had a dress rehearsal last night so I wanted to share a few fun pictures from Oz. Final dress rehearsal is tomorrow night-everyone will be in make-up and completely dressed, but I just wanted to update you.

The wicked witch!!! She has an awesome chin and nose for the actual show. The witch has a great broom also!!

The real joke around the Lehman house is : One after practice I was singing "Ding Dong the Witch is dead" and of the loving people in this household walked by me and said: " NO SHE IS NOT---SHE IS MAKING SUPPER".

Moving on. . . this is one of the Jitterbugs!!! Isn't the outfit adorable? Danna made these. The outfits come with pink dots, green dots and blue dots. These are so cute!!! I want to get a picture of all four of them together yet.

The wizard.
I created Ben's bow tie. We found a necktie that Danna and Abby just loved so I cut it up and made it into this bow tie. I just LOVE his hat. It makes him to very Wizardly!!!

Of course, you can't put on the show Wizard of Oz without munchkins!! Here is Lauren with some of here Munchkin friends!!!
The entire cast. They are a fun group of kids. One important thing to remember is that they are kids. Another important thing to remember is that most of them are teenagers (lots of stories).

Well there is your Oz update for now.

Coming soon. . . (hopefully) Tin man, Lion, Scarecrow and maybe even Dorthy.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Yes, I am helping with the costumes for our school spring musical!!!! The Wizard of Oz!

Sarah Q. guessed correctly. I wish there was a prize; however, I am spending most of my time hemming dresses, fixing seam and spray painting odds and ends. I have sown a few things from scratch.
I am working with some really great people. Abby and Danna have been a ton of fun (sorry no pictures of them yet). Danna already thinks I am crazy, I am sure not going to ask already if can take her picture and post it on my blog. I am waiting til she knows for sure that I am CRAZY!!!!!

But I do have a few pictures for you. Last night I finally took the camera so I could show you what we have to work with. This is the costume room. We are not using all of these, this is just the stuff we had to pick from.Here is one of my favorite projects: The Tin man costume:
One of the men in charge suggested spray painting a sweat suit. I didn't think it would work; however, after about 5 cans of spray paint--I think we are almost finished. However, we are creating a few pieces to go with it a hood, some spats (shoe covers) and padded joints. We looked at it under that lights last night and I think maybe some spray glitter maybe on our shopping list. I know I am heading back to the local hardware store today to shop for a few other things to jazz up the Tin man yet.
This is my Oz homework bag. Can you guess what else is on the to do list today? If you said scarecrow--you are right!! Once again, sorry there is no prize. :( He only needs a few things to put with his jeans and flannel shirt!!

Danna has made the greatest lion costume. She is very talented. This is maybe the third year she has helped and she is a real pro!! Can't wait to show you that outfit.

Well I must be going. I have got tons of homework to be doing. I've got my Oz work plus we are in the James Bible Study with our church and that's right that homework needs to be done too.

Have a great day everyone!!!!!!