Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wisdom from a child

This week I was informed by one of my children:
"You would have more friends if: You would be nicer!!!"
I must of been having an off day. Normally I am very nice. Maybe is should try using the word no a little less--NO I don't think that is going to happen. I guess I'll just have to live with fewer friends.

So guess which one of my darling children came up with this quote. . . . .

That's right ---LOGAN!!

Hope you are having a great day and making lots of new friends.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More pictures--you asked for it.

OK--maybe you are not a comment reader, but for those of you that are a comment reader or those that comment you asked to see more pictures, so here they are-- just a few more of my favorites. My parents should be so proud--they may finally be getting their money out of these pictures. (They are off the closet shelf!!) (Please remember the year is 1991--BIG hair is everything (oh yes-I can almost smell the hair spray!!))

Here is a priceless shot of Janelle (from: Lovin' Life). Isn't she so cute in here--I spray painted that basket all by myself!!!

Here is a great shot of my lovely friends--aren't they a vision in pink!! Thanks ladies for wearing that outfit--you are true friends. Yes Kelley -- I know you are family!!
OK--finally the picture you have all been waiting for---PAM at my wedding. Sorry about this shot I should have turned this before I scanned it!! Pam- you should be very thankful that those balloons are covering up most of your bump!!But never fear I have a second photo of this:

a much better picture of your bump--however, there are no pictures of you in slippers.

The kids have really enjoyed checking out our Wedding pictures. Wow Wedding pictures have come a long way. I couldn't wind up this post about our Wedding without sharing at least 1 more picture.

Here is one of the few pictures of Mom from the Wedding. As you can see she hasn't changed that much. Except everything on her is a little smaller now, her hair, her waist and her glasses.

I hope you have enjoyed walking down memory lane with me, and I also hope you people that comment (I love comments!!) have learned a lesson--be careful what you ask for.

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Special Day

Today is our 18th wedding anniversary!! WOW time sure flies when you are having fun. With yesterday being Father's Day, I could not help but post these pictures from our special day of two very special men. Men that helped make us who we are today, but are no longer here to celebrate with us.
Our Dads

We have so much to be thankful for. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful memories of our Dads. We are still very thankful for my Grandfathers. I had a chance to see them both yesterday. Grandpa Earl at Swiss Village. Grandpa Harry -- we had supper with him last night.

Of course we did celebrate Father's Day with Matt yesterday, at breakfast we let him open his presents. He received a handmade t-shirt from Lyndsi and Lexi. He also got a new flavor of coffee and a popcorn popper for over a campfire. We are all looking forward to him trying it out. We hope that you all had a great Father's Day.

Back to the original purpose of this blog . . .Happy Anniversary Matt!!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Well thankfully it is FRIDAY!!! WOW I don't know where the first week of Bible School has gone. For those of you wondering how Ubby is doing--he now loves going to Bible School, because he goes with his own NANNY!!! Yes, I took Lauren's friend on Wednesday and Ubby stayed with her and didn't cry. Finally near the end he did manage to leave her side to play in a few rounds of Duck-Duck-Goose!!
Yesterday, we took my favorite niece (she is the only niece I have) along to play with Ubby and the day went a lot better. (Sorry Bre-not my favorite picture of you but couldn't find the one I wanted!)

OK it is now Friday, I am tired and not in the mood to fight with Ubby today, so Lauren's kind and way to nice friend will be returning with us today.

Enough about Ubby--I am teaching in the fifth grade and we have an AWESOME group of kids.
They are very well behaved and are really excited each day to come and learn more about Jesus. (We have been studying the life of Jesus.) They are also really enjoying working on their craft and knotting comforters. (I would post the picture; however, I kind of like to let people know that they may appear on my blog.) (Oh unless your family or close friends they just realize that they run that risk and any time. Unless you are my grandparents, they don't know that I have a blog. I am not sure that they even know what that is. )

Hope that you all have a great day!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Still here!

Yes, I am still around. I have still been checking blogs and keeping up on what most of you are up to; however, with school now out it has been harder for me to get computer time and make the time to sit down and update. I am not even going to begin to try to catch you up on what we have been up to. The list is long and I don't know that any of it is blog-worthy.

We are now in Bible School and most of us are having a really great time!! Bible School started on Monday and we have 2 weeks of Bible School at our church. This is the first year I have ever taught. I have spent 9 years driving kids and dropping them off! This year I have the chance to teach since 5 of the 6 of our kids are now in it. Ubby

is in the Kiddie Class (babysitting). Yesterday, in the middle of my lesson with 42--5th graders and 7 teachers Ubby decides he wants his mommy!!! So he ended up hanging out with me the rest of the day!!(I did try going back to his class with him however, --I do have things I am supposed to be doing !!) (Scream!!!!) He did sit on a chair pretty well for most of his time in our class.

OK so today is a new day!! I have lined up one of Lauren's friends from school to come with us this morning in case I need my own babysitter! Ubby told his class yesterday that he would see them tomorrow! (Which is now today!!) Please pray that he will do what he is supposed to. He just loved the class on Monday and never once shared with us that he didn't want to go back.

Please remember Ubby this morning!! If this doesn't go well--I will be looking for other ideas!! Hope that you all have a great day. Hopefully Ubby and I will too!!!