Friday, July 31, 2009

Too much fun

Yes, it has been over a week again since my last post. I wasn't going to make you suffer, with a long and boring catch up post. However, we have had so much fun and have done too many fun things not to catch you up. Anyway it is more pictures than words, so that won't take you as much time to read the blog. So without further delay------here we go.

We toured our NEW school. It is beautiful and AIR-CONDITIONED!!

One of the new gyms.

We attended Swiss Days!!!

Spent time with my favorite niece and her family! (Just as note: Bre is my only niece. I have 7 nephews.)

Attended 2 parades in one week!!!!

Spent a great evening with some really good friends!!!!

Took in the Swiss Days fireworks!! Thanks Scott, Joni, Fred and Janet!!!

We also took in the dentist office; however, no pictures of that. And here is a question some of you might be asking--how many school supplies does it take to send 5 children off to school???

About this many!!!!!! Well I know it doesn't really take 12 boxes of crayons, but the prices are so great right now I always get extra markers, crayons, glue stick and color pencils.

Another great idea: with almost all the school supplies at really great prices it is a good time to buy gifts. A couple of years ago my mom bought Lyndsi a tote of craft stuff for Christmas. Lexi just asked the other day why she doesn't have one. I think and I going to fill one for her this year, but I going to get my supplies now.

Oh and finally I have spent quiet a bit of time watering flowers. Not as much as last year, but I still love to be out there watering, weeding and planning for what I should do next year.

OK that might qualify for the longest post ever!! I will just try to update more often. (Of course that is what I thought last week.) Have a really great weekend!!!


Sarah said...

Great update!

You can never go wrong with pictures!!

Have a great weekend!


Pam said...

Great update!! my kids are even excited to see your new school!! i'll even be there often (twice a day 4 days a week) for kiahna's preschool!! good grief on the school supplies, we got our list in the mail yesterday so now we can shop too!! love your flowers!! don't forget you are sharing with me next spring!! :)

Jessica said...

I wondered what you've been up to! Thanks for the update! I gasped when I saw the school supplies. Beautiful flowers, I can't believe you are thinking of next year already! I am just hoping that my flowers from this year will actually bloom! Haha...Anyway, now and then Carter asks me if I remember his friend Laden from bible school. Too cute!

Must Love Frogs said...

Wow! What a fab week:) Always love seeing all of the great pics! Great job at CVS! I am very proud of you. Let me know if you have any deal ideas.

P.S. We're thinking of having dad build a case for all of the tennis trophies. jk!