Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's a bling thing

I love to craft!! I wanted to share this really fun and easy project with you guys. Lauren and I made this last week and hopefully it will come in very handy.
Lauren has several necklaces and she was hanging them on a lamp she had. Then Lauren's good friend Sharon gave her a bulletin board. I looked at that and thought yes!! Here is the answer to at least our necklace issue. So here is our project: We started by painting the frame to bulletin board.
(Check out the little feet in the picture below--that is going to help you solve the mystery in the next picture.)

HUMMMM!!! Guess there was really no need to tape that off now was there!! Little brothers you've got to love them.

Anyway, we covered the cork with a piece of leftover fabric from her curtains.

Covered the raw edges with ribbon. (Found those awesome yellow thumb tacks at our local Ace Hardware store!!--You have to love living in a small town. You would be surprised how many things you can buy at the Hardware store for your craft projects.)

Then we screwed in some hooks into the top of the frame.

Strung some extra Christmas tree beads to hang it.

Tied it with a bow!!!!

And waaaa--la--you have a thing to hang your bling!!!!!!


Sarah said...

That is too, too cute!! I love projects like these! Great idea

Jessica said...

Wow! That is sooooo cute! You are a super cool mom! Love it.

Vanessa said...

WOW! I'm sooo impressed! What a fun project! You are so creative, Julie! And great idea with the thumb tacks! See, that's where I would have given up, but now I know I've just got to look around a little! :) Thanks for the idea!

Pam said...

you and lauren need to go into business!!! that awesome!! love it! i have a project for you! I just bid on a cheerleading uniform (the real deal kind) for kiahna. but right now it says "bama" on it. any thoughts on how and where i would get "jets" to sew on it? and how, just hand sew?? i don't think i have your e-mail address, send it to me and i'll send you the link so you can tell me what you think, k?

Audra said...

That is too cool! We might have to make a couple of those!


Paula (SweetPea) said...

what a cool idea. i've never thought of bulletin boards to hang bling bling.

steffenboysmom said...

What a great idea! I might have to try that!

Must Love Frogs said...

wow, julie! i wish that I had your creativity. keep up the great work! Are you ready for next weekend?