Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lehman Test Kitchen

Last night for supper we decided to try making guacamole. Recently we had been to our local Mexican restaurant and Lauren tried the green stuff and really liked it. So last night when we were trying to decide what to have for supper--Lauren suggested trying to make our own guacamole. So we went looking for a recipe. We found one in our family cookbook--pretty easy Avocado, lime juice and salt. Then we thought it might need a little something--so we checked on-line for a recipe, changed it a little and came up with this:

2 avocados mashed

1 cup sour cream

1 small onion chopped

1 tsp Hot Mexican chili powder

2 cloves of garlic

lime juice

Lauren really liked it!!!
Lyndsi liked it too--you can see that is all she ate!! No, she did eat a taco after she finished taste testing the guacamole.

Logan and and Lexi--well that is at least a 2 thumbs down!! Everyone else seemed to think it was pretty good. Matt really liked it on his tacos. Next time we will cut the sour cream in 1/2 and we thought it could use a little more kick--so we going to try a little cayenne pepper--I think!!

So what's in your guacamole?


Susie said...

Hi Julie,
I love guacomole! Although I really just started eating it since Amy's Wedding. I don't know her recipe but Denise M. made it for her at her reception. I believe the recipe came from Magdalena. It was delicious! So far I have tried Bandidoes and I liked that too! I love your test kitchen posts! Kudos on getting everyone to try it! :)

Carol said...

We love guacamole and have a recipe from my friend, Terri. It's delicious. I think we put everything in their that yours has plus salt and pepper. Oh, no hot pepper, though.

Amy Gerber said...

I just love guacamole too! I really like it with fresh cilantro in it. Oh, and hot peppers also. Yummy

Sarah said...

Yum, yum, yum!! That looks soooo good!

We like to add green onions and sometimes a little salsa to ours!

Janel said...

There's a recipe in one of the Dutch Delight's that is REALLY good!! I dont' remember which one though.