Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lots going on. . . (Update)

Well the end of last week just got away from us. The weeks of summer are flying by. With the 4-H fair this week and Swiss Days this weekend, we find our summer days drawing quickly to an end. School starts in about 4 weeks. But let's not focus on that--let's look at the fun things we have been doing.

On Thursday, last week Lauren went with Matt on a road trip.

Matt is a back-up semi truck driver for a local furniture factory. He is allowed to take a passenger (they must be over 12). He goes usually just on shorter runs; however has taken in several overnights and on a couple of occasions even done a Wed-Friday run. Thankfully that doesn't happen too often.This was only a day tip. This was taken at 5:30 a.m. minutes before they left. Maybe that's why Lauren has that look on her face? Since Lauren is our Drama Queen, who knows?

Friday, Brier came for the day and spent the night. Landon, Brier and Logan spent most of their day making a movie. However, it is too large to upload for the blog. The boys are really into "stop-motion" moving making. I keep asking them to make me something to post. The highlight of the movie they made on Friday---my name is in the credits--food services Julie Lehman--oh well its a start.

Also on Friday, this really nice college kid that Matt worked with last summer came and gave us a demo on Cutco knives.

Kevin is studying at Purdue and couldn't find another part time job. So if you would like to help him out--just let me know I can hook you up. You just have to listen to his sales demo. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY ANYTHING FROM HIM. He gets paid just to do the demo, so if you feel like doing a good deed you just listen to him talk and you have helped a kid earn money for college.

We have done a lot of campfire cooking this summer. The weather has been perfect for it.

So after supper (over the fire on Sunday eve). . . We have done this for several years and the kids love it. We set up our "hillbilly volleyball" net. Yes, it's our homemade net with a beach ball. The net is about the height of a badminton net so it makes it easier for the younger kids.
This year Matt made the court regulation size (I have no idea why?).
Yes, this pretty lame activity gives us hours of entertainment. We have had a lot of fun with it.

Check out Ubby trying to hit the ball--see they just love it. Lauren when she sees the camera--she has to strike a pose.

Well I even had pictures of our Saturday project involving our burn barrel -- well that will have to be another post. Have a great day.


steffenboysmom said...

I think I know that college kid... How fun to go with Dad! ( i hope she brings a good book!) Roger used to do that too.

Family time in the summer, great memories!

Carol said...

What a great post to keep us updated on the Lehman family summer.

Sounds like fun for Lauren to have gone with Matt and the volleyball is something our family like to do, too. We just don't get to play enough.

I've sat through a Cutco demonstration. If they get to only talk, how does Cutco make any money? I'm just askin'...