Wednesday, July 15, 2009

3 things you may not know about me

Yes--I realize that yesterday was the big contest; however, I was so busy reading and commenting on every ones blogs I ran out of time to post my own. So after spending the time thinking about it and finally coming up with 3 things--I decided to go ahead and post. (Honestly I wouldn't have won anyway--I don't win contests very often (look that might be thing #4 you don't know about me.)

OK here we go:::::

1-I am not an animal lover!!!

OK--Murphy like this is OK but--Really I don't care to have the animal touch me. I don't mind talking to them when they are caged. (That might explain why I like to go to the zoo?) But I don't like when they smell, lick or touch me!! That would also explain why Tina is the perfect fit at our house!!

You see Tina is a cat that comes eats our junk and leaves. She runs away from our children and I have never touched her. Grandma Cathy tried once but Tina growled at her.

Sorry--I am having trouble just sticking to the list--now I think we are back on track. Some of you may know the next one--because one of you is in the picture!!!

Yes that's right I was a cheerleader for 6 years. I cheered for the red and white--GO JETS!!! Oh the stories--but that is another post. Don't you just love all that hair!!! By the way, I don't have a lot of pictures from High School here-I had to scan it from a scrapbook that I have; however, I just noticed that Petula isn't here--hey Pam was this our Junior year?

Last but not least. . .

3. Matt and I are members of The Gideons International. How many of you know what that is? I am sure you have all received a Gideon New Testament. That is right we are members of the organization that pass out New Testaments. Fifth graders, nurses, colleges out on the street. They place Bibles in hotels, motels and hospitals, Doctor's offices, Dentist offices, Crisis Pregnancy Centers and the list goes on. Actually there are Gideons all around the world. A great organization that is spreading God's word all across the world. If you have a chance check out: This is one of my favorite testimonies--my favorite you cannot see on-line, and I am not sure if I could download the video somehow, but this one is a really good one. (This is definitely good subject matter for another post. Oh yes and if you don't have a Gideon New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs, a list of helpful scriptures and the plan of Salvation please contact me I can get you one.)

Well finally-I've made it to the end of the post. This was lots of fun. I really enjoyed learning 3 fun facts I may not have known about some of my blogging friends. Have a great day!!!!!


Susie said...

Hi Julie,
Okay I could figure out #1 from some previous posts and I knew #2 but #3 was a total surprise. How very cool! What a neat ministry.
Have a great day!

Pam said...

LOL!! Yeah, i am going to guess junior year, Heather was in it, wonder where Petula was?? We had such great hair! And we were so skinny... ahhh... if only!! :) NOT!! Leah is on day 3 of "camp" (i agree, it could be so much "worse!") and liking it better! It's a good thing we didn't have to do all the sit ups and push ups they have to do, but remember susie's aerobics?!?! LOL!! I knew all these! Guess that is how you know you've been a life long friend!! :)