Thursday, April 30, 2009


Life with the Lehman's is never dull. There is always something fun and exciting happening. Fun and exciting is all in the way you look at it!!

So here is the story: Setting: It is Tuesday afternoon about 2:30

I am putting laundry away, Ub is taking a nap and Lexi well who knows what she had been doing before she shows up asking. . . .

Lexi: Hey, Mom (which I must hear from here 5,000 times a day right now)--

Me: Yes, Lex--what do you need?

Lexi: What's this?

Me: What's, what--(I turn to look at her)

She has her arm lifted and it looks like a small spider under her arm!!
(Luckily I am not afraid of spiders like many other is my family like: Grandma Cathy, Deanie and Aunt Joni)

So I go over and try to get it off -- it is attached. I suddenly realize it is a tick. So like any good mother I grabbed the phone and called my good friends at the DR office. They kindly asked a few questions and scheduled me an appointment at 4:30--just 2 short hours after finding this critter attached to my child!! I quickly start getting ready to go to the DR, started supper because you know how DR appointments can be --I hope to be home before bedtime at this point!

Here is Lexi at the DR sporting her new sticker.
(A much better picture of her sticker--that she loved because Mickey was playing the guitar--you know that kind that makes lots of noise!)

This is a picture of the tick under her arm. At this point it was all curled up, looking very much dead, but still hanging on!! Now for those of you that know anything about ticks--he's not!!

The good DR finally arrives in our room, studies it, announces that it is a dog tick-they don't carry any disease-they are just a bother!! So he easily removes the tick.
While he sticking it in a small cup and covering the bug with rubbing alcohol, he asks if I want to take it home. I laugh. (thinking: Is he serious: did he really go to college? what kind of question is that?, that is before I know that..)

He was giving me all this info like how they usually suck blood and grow to be the size of the end of a finger (gross) and some other real interesting tick facts. Then he looks back at the tick and announces that the little critter is trying to crawl out of the cup!!!!! Like I was going to take it home!!! Maybe he is crazy!

The trip to the DR was very educational and very painless.

That's just LIFE WITH THE LEHMAN'S!!!!!

**A fashion note: I do realize that Lexi's outfit doesn't match (the pants have a pink stripe down the leg)--but I wanted her to wear the tank so they could remove the tick easily!!!


Susie said...

Oh Julie you are a hoot!
Your life and blog is never boring!

Sarah said...

gross, gross, GROSS!

Life IS crazy for you guys, isn't it? Thanks for letting us on it!


Janel said...

Oh my, I remember one of my brothers having a tick when we were little. I SERIOUSLY hope that none of our kids ever gets one...I think I might totally lose it!

Audra said...

Oh my goodness!! That's just like the good DR to fully educate you! Glad Lexi found it so soon.


Jenna said...

Gag! I think thats one of my biggest fears. Ticks and Leaches. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

Yuck...I would've flipped out! Our outside dog had a lot of ticks at one time last summer and we were constantly plucking them off of her. There was a couple big green things (about the size of a swollen lima bean). I thought it was a berry or something from the field until I stepped on it and blood squirted everywhere. I got so tired of plucking the ticks, that I came to the point of being ready to shoot the dog so we didn't have to deal with it. Come to find out, they make tick collars and it solved the problem!

Jessica (T)

Pam said...

I picked 5 off of one of our dogs this morning! i went straight to the vet (after stopping for breakfast and more flowers of course) and got both dogs medicine! vet said they are really bad already!! so yeah... welcome to dogland!

and yeah, after prom is this weekend! I am supposed to be there at 11:30 and it is over at 3 AM! The really sad thing is that I think i am too old for this and I will proably be the youngest parent there!! Ha! So, if they can do it then so can i!!!! :)

nap??? i'll see what J & K say!! right now they are begging for a picnic!

jackie said...

I've pulled several ticks off the husband and the girls have each had a few on them...none like Lexi, though.

I hate them, but they are everywhere this year!!! I try to check the girls all over after they come in, but I'm afraid I'm going to miss one!

amy gerber said...

oh, that is nasty! brings back memories of finding a tic on one of my little sisters, and trying to get it out without haveing to get to close to it...there's just nothing quite like life in a big family!

Carol said...

Ewwww, grossss. Ticks are so nasty.