Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Things here at the Lehman house are in bloom. I just love this time of year when things come back to life!!! Yesterday, I looked around and everything is so green and full of new life,-- it so exciting! I knew, more than likely, it was going today, so I grabbed the camera to take some pictures of our flowering tree and such, they were so pretty.

As I am outside taking pictures--I spotted these:

These are always one of the first signs of spring. I started thinking about the dandelion! God created it--it is sort of pretty. I have not taken the time to do a total research on this flower; however, I know they have a reason for being. I will enjoy them--I just wish they would stop growing in my yard.

I hope that you are enjoying the beauty around you!!! Have a great day!


Vanessa said...

haha..I remember when I was a little girl not being able to understand why my dad wanted to kill the dandelions in the yard. I thought they were so pretty! :) Great pics of the flowering trees! They're my favorite sign of spring!

steffenboysmom said...

The dandelion's leaves are packed with vit c! Good for warding off swine ( snort snort) flu!

I'm not kidding about the vit c part.

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie,
Cameron was picking dadelions in our yard the other day; thankfully not to many. Later we went into Bluffton and passed a yard with LOTS. He got so excited and said "I could pick you 100's of flowers in that yard mom!!!" The joy of being 5.
Brenda B.