Friday, April 17, 2009

Go fly a kite!!

Spring is in the air and so is Ubby's new Buzz and Woody kite. The weather is so beautiful, we are enjoying every minute of it.
The kids are getting a real kick out of this $3 kite I bought at CVS. Now don't worry, the kite will not get into those power lines, because due to circumstances beyond by control we have a knot in the string. (Please don't mention this to Daddy--he put it on different string so we could fly it higher. That was great for the older ones but the little ones can't handle too much string. Just an FYI.)
So if you have time, go out and enjoy this beautiful weather . And remember to thank the one who sent it. Have a great weekend!!!


Carol said...

Now go fly a kite! Just kidding... it sounded funny in my head.

Have a great weekend.

steffenboysmom said...

I hope the kite cleared the tree!