Thursday, April 23, 2009


Long ago I said I would post pictures from our Spring Break project. (For those of you that don't know what that is. . . let me share.) As most people around me started making their reservations for FL, I started thinking. . .hum. . . what should we do over Spring Break????? Why not the kids would love to remove the wallpaper in the bathroom, I mean really it is almost like Florida. (When we shut the door all the steam from the steamer warmed us up in a hurry!) So anyway, all my friends were making reservations so why not--I called my local Ace Hardware store and reserved a steamer! It was set we would start taking wallpaper down on Monday of Spring Break. So we did.
This is a picture before all of our hard work began!!!

Here is Logan working hard in the FL like atmosphere!!!

This Lauren showing how easy wallpaper removal can be!!!

Now the wall paper almost fell off the walls and I thought this is a breeze!! So within an hour and a half we had all the wall paper off.
So anyway, that was the bathroom ready for paint. This is where the story gets sort of long. I will not get into the details. I will share however, since we had already rented the steamer we went to the master bathroom and decided to take that wallpaper off too; however that wasn't as easy but we got it done. I also thought we should go ahead and take of the border in the master bedroom. (OK not one of my better ideas.) See I told you this is were the happy story starts to go bad. (This must be like the traveling to FL! (LOL) )

I will share more about this amazing project later, much later!!! Really I love it all--we are still working on the master bed and bath. (painting done just finishing up the details)

Oh yea-- I almost forgot--here are the pictures of our finished bathroom:

This is the reason I hadn't posted. I couldn't decide what to put on my awesome new shelf thing. NOTE: The items on this shelf are subject to change without notice!

Oh and I couldn't post this without giving my Mom credit for making these fabulous pictures!!!

Well that's about all for today. If you are still reading you deserve a prize. Sorry this turned out longer than I thought, once I started sharing--I just couldn't stop. That is so not me!!! Have a great day! :)))


Carol said...

Wow! What a great suntan you got while in Florida (read beautiful job on the bathroom). LOL

Sarah said...

I enjoyed your was funny!! Your bathroom looks so the color.

I will anxiously await the master bedroom....

Way to go!

Audra said...

Turned out great & cheery. Can't Audra

Anonymous said...

oh Julie it's just beautiful!! I can't believe what a difference it was to get that wallpaper off. You are so inspiring me! What a huge transformation!!!! Love the chair rail - does Matt do the mitering? Is that how you spell "miter?" Had to laugh at the "story gone bad...." how funny and how true that can be. Can't wait to see more!!

Anonymous said...


thanks for making me look stupid. You shold've posted 1 of the pics I got of you. lol
your fav

Erin said...

Wow, Julie, everything looks great! I really like your new shelf and pictures too.

Jessica said...

I really like the changes! We are totally in "paint" mode too. I can't wait to see what you've done with the other rooms too!

Jessica (n)

steffenboysmom said...

aren't steamers so fun? I had on you could have used! I'm glad it was you this time and not me!

Do you put paneling up or just a wood border around the middle? It looks great!

You are brave letting the kids help strip. I did that once in this house and ended up having to texture the walls with spackling!