Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We ate, we played, I lost

Sunday, we went to Mom's for pizza and after supper had a red hot game of Scattergories. I am not sure why, but it is a family favorite. We usually play teams so we can get more people involved. Due to the fact that Stacey and his family were not able to come, we were a few people short. So I played the entire game alone! (Please keep that in mind when the results come at the end--oh wait I think I gave it away in the title.)
OK--I don't remember the last time we played the game to the end--but this time we did. I was doing really well. Usually Landon and Brier are the team to beat but since Brier wasn't there Landon and Logan held the lead most of the way. I was in second place most of the game. Uncle Rex had never played the game and Matt usually opts out, but Sunday they were a team--a team that ended up winning the game by 1 point.
The final answer that Matt gave medicine/drug that started with a letter P==Pseudoephedrine (the real drug for Sudafed). Seriously--no one believed Matt. We made him google it to prove himself. So he and Rex won by 1 point.
REMATCH is in the air. This is serious. Teams are forming. Grandma Cathy and Deanie are pretty good together, of course there will be Landon and Brier--now it looks like Rex and Matt could be the team to beat.
Next time I will have a partner. I am making t-shirts for us to wear. I want to win!! (OK--there are no t-shirts (yet)) Gwen and I are pretty good together, Lauren and I haven't done too bad. I am thinking it over. Can't wait for the rematch--watch for upcoming blog post about it.


Sarah said...

hahaha! I haven't played this game forever, but it's one of my favorites! Never heard of playing as teams...hmmm, good idea!

Fun times!

Susie said...

Sounds fun! And here I thought I was competitive!! I say make the T-shirts. Okay I can't resist... Maybe while your waiting for the dryer. Regardless I want to see!:)
I wish I had half your talent!!!

Pam said...

LOL!! So fun! We've been playing "the settlers of catan" since the lakes and I finally won last week! (we won't talk about who I was playing with when I won or how many games it took to win) but when I need a confidence boost or anyone is getting too cocky I just pull out "dutch blitz" then I can win!! :) headed to a hotel with my family tomorrow, I am sure there will be lots of game playing!

steffenboysmom said...

We love family games! Our boys get really competitive! I've decided I don't enjoy Monopoly anymore though...It's last for 4 hours the way Rog and the boys play~ Ugh!!

Anonymous said...

just because you win at Scattergories doesnt mean you are awesome... it just means you are weird & different than everyone else and think of answers that no one else would haha!

Anonymous said...

super cool sounds like FUN!!!!!!!!!!! Lyndsi