Friday, January 8, 2010

Let it snow????

OK--who ordered the snow??

Your order was delivered to our house and you need to come pick it up.

Thank you the Lehman's.


The kid got out of school early yesterday--they loved that.

Today we are starting with a 2-hour delay; however, they are forecasting 20 mph winds--delay may change to closing.

To our good friends Jud and Margret in the SUNNY south, thought you would enjoy these pictures.

This picture is for you Jud.

The tractor did a great job. (Matt did a great job, too.) Thanks.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Stay warm!!!


Vanessa said...

Haha! I was wondering the same thing! Maybe they got IN mixed up with IA...yep, that's definately it. All this snow was supposed to be delivered to Iowa!! :D

Lisa said...

I read Susie's blog and occasionally click over to read your blog. I just HAD to comment - your post is hysterical. LOL funny! I've showed about 10 people today. Thanks for posting some humor during this crazy, but beautiful, weather. God bless,