Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How handy!!

The other day, the kids and I needed to scrape the windows of the car before a trip to town. :( We of course couldn't find the scraper. :( Never fear--I don't need to scrape the windows today. But I have found our window scraper!!
Yesterday, while checking out some of my favorite crafting blogs I ran across a mitten covered scrapper. So today while I was waiting on the dryer, I went and created one of my very own.

I think this will be very handy. This one is not perfect; but when it is cold outside--I don't think I will mind it's imperfections.

I have been saving this fabric for the perfect occasion and I believe this is it. This awesome mitten also has a flannel lining and some thick batting. I am not sure that Matt is going to be real crazy about it--I don't think it is a print most men would go for--but it is cute.


Jamie R said...

You are just way too crafty! "As I was waiting on the dryer" would have been a week long project for me if it ever got finished. I bought one last year, just plain black, but Luke feels like a sissy using it. Ha, he had to use it at church on Sunday. It's good for their egos!

Anonymous said...

WOW! you are so creative and quick..."as i was waiting for the dryer"? i love seeing your neat ideas, so thanks for sharing:)
sarah q

Pam said...

Very good! we used to have one of those and i think it was "fur" on the outside, much more "manly" maybe you could make one for matt next time you are waiting for the dryer! HA! You are too good! I'd throw something at you if i thought I could hit you 5 miles away! LOL!

Carol said...

What a great idea. It's pretty, too. So, how often do you just whip stuff up like that, Julie?

Susie said...

While I was waiting on the dryer I went and checked out my favorite blogs.
I got nothing to show for it!! But you got a comment! :) Any who very cute. Maybe you'll want to have a contest and give one away!!!!