Monday, May 18, 2009

Pampered Chef Favorites

Don't ever ask me a question if you really don't want an answer. I commented this morning on Jessica's blog about having lots of favorite Pampered Chef products-she asked what they were and so I thought--hey that sounds like a great post!! (I have already posted once today, it is allowed to post twice in one day?)
OK without further delay here are 7 of my favorite things. (You must understand, my cousin April has been selling Pampered Chef of about 5 years so I have been to my share of parties. The stuff is great and I love buying new kitchen gadgets--everyone has to eat.)
Easy read measure cups--I love the baby one it measures TBSP!

The chopper!!

The Prep bowls. There are six in this set!! It is amazing how much you can put in each one. I received these a baby gift from April, Adam, Tyler and Janelle!! The mix and chop is a must! It chops you hamburger up into small pieces when you are browning it. It is also a great buy if you don't want to spend a lot at a party!
The smooth edge can opener!! Love this I received this as a gift from my mother-in-law for Christmas. I had the old PC can opener and thought I didn't need this but I am always amazed at how this works?
OK--I really love this! The Santoku 7" forged knife. It is great for cutting up veggies and fruit. Oh yes--last but not least the rectangular baker. It bakes your cakes and bars so evenly and is slightly larger than a 9 X 13 so your lasagna doesn't run all over the bottom of your oven.

Well that is about all, there are so many other Pampered Chef items that I like but I wanted to share these with you.

Hey what is your favorite??????


Jessica said...

Thanks, Julie! That certainly was helpful. Have you seen their deep covered baker yet? That is one item I am hoping to purchase tonight. You can put raw chicken breasts in there and cook them in less than 10 min. in the microwave. They come out juicy with lots of broth and taste great! I also am loving my new salad chopper. It is like a scissors, but with two blades. It is great for chopping things like onions, peppers, etc.

Well, anyway, thanks for the tips! :)

Carol said...

I LOVE Pampered Chef products! Some of my favorites are the pizza cutter, the chopper, the large mixing bowl with a pour spout and lid, their measuring spoons, the little spatula, and I'm sure there are more. I have been to my share of parties, so I have bought things over the years.

Janel said...

I also LOVE that knife!!!

jackie said...

I got the meat chopper for Christmas last year from my mom. I had wanted one (she didn't know it), but she had given me one anyway. The funniest part was that she didn't even know what it was! She thought I could probably figure it out :) She had gotten it for free when she ordered something else.

I am in love with those prep bowls and my food chopper as well....definitely some of my favs!

Anonymous said...