Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good bye to an old friend

Tomorrow are the city wide garage sales in Berne and my friend Joni is having a sale. She told me to bring anything over that I wanted to get rid of.
So since we are passed the double stroller phase of our lives we have decided to part with old blue. I often wished that the strollers and bike carts kept track of mileage. We have visited many zoos, taken many trips to school (when we lived in town) and we wouldn't want to know how many times we were at the mall.

I have no idea why I think this is sad to see this piece of baby equipment go, but it just is. I wasn't sad when we sold the first double stroller. Probably because we purchased this one. Oh well life goes on, as this stroller finds a new owner we hope that it can continue to go to the zoo, the school and the mall.

Hey to all you garage sale lovers out there, it sure looks like there are going to be some great things available tomorrow. I don't just love the garage sale thing but I am heading out to check out a couple of things. I am really excited about the CR Designs scratch and dent sale. (They are the lasting light people.) The weather might not be the best but you gotta love spring here in IN. Have a great weekend!


jackie said...

we have this exact same stroller!!! so funny. :) i'll probably be sad when the day comes where we'll have to sell ours as well...although even if i'm not, i'll surely think of you!!

Anonymous said...

I actually cried when we got rid of the ugly orange chair that I spent MANY hours nursing our children in. I'm not sure why. I didn't really love nursing them and baby stage wasn't my favorite.
Brenda B.

Carol said...


Did you find some good stuff at the sale this past weekend? Tell me about your finds.

I can understand how you feel about parting with certain things. It just makes you realize that the kids are growing up.

We are not finished with schooling yet. Our last day is June 11th. Then we are going on a cruise to Italy, Turkey and Greece. Exciting!