Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pictures with Tara

Several weeks ago, we meet up with my friend Tara and she took our school pictures and family picture. She always does a really nice job. Check her blog out here .

She did a great job. You will be seeing more of these pictures soon. Like when I finally change them here on the blog or when Christmas cards come out in less than 8 weeks. But this one is one of my favorites from that afternoon with her.

Don't ya love it?

My mom and brother and his family also joined us.

If you are on Mom's Christmas card list, you may be seeing this picture again. Just act surprise, when you see it again.

Have a great weekend.


steffenboysmom said...

I will act surprised when I get your Christmas card too!

Thanks for the plug Julie!!

Janelle said...

I love your pictures...especially the one of Ubby! Tara does such a great job!

Anonymous said...

This really relates to your previous post. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you at Uncle Paul's visitation. Your mom said you left just before I arrived. I love the anniversary pix of your grandparents and was so happy to visit with Aunt Marge Tuesday and Wednesday.

Your dad's California cousin.

The Lehman's said...

To Dad's California cousin---Sorry I missed you. Thanks for saying HI. julie :)