Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Tennis season, after 6 pm today, is officially over for Landon. Sectional (for Varsity only)--starts Thursday. So the mothers of the tennis players are taking turns this week sending treats for our guys.

I was lucky and got to work with Tara from My life with 6 boys found here.

She doesn't care that I am a PROJECT HOG!!! She called me a blessing--thanks Tara!!!!

So we chatted about it a bit and decided to do something simple. A drink and a little snack. I think they turned out real cute.

The ladies in the office liked them. Speaking of them, I took a little something for them too. They are putting up with us crazy mothers all week. They deserve a little something!! They didn't get the Star Crunch--think of the calories I saved them!!

Hope the boys enjoy their treat. Thanks for letting me hog the project, Tara.


Sarah said...

Cute, cute, CUTE!!

steffenboysmom said...

Ya know, I went home to ask Jon if he got his treat and he says, " oh, I didn't know we got treats!" *sigh*

Carol said...

What a great idea to end the season.

Julie, we didn't get any info on the reunion. Can you e-mail the information to me? Maybe I'll finally be able to pick what I won on your blog then. It's my bad for not being able to connect with you.

I didn't take too many pictures from my parties last week, but what I do have, I'll post today. :)