Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Country living has it's drawback. Like the year that the farmer plants corn in the field next to your home.



Now that is much better. We can now see the bus coming!!! I have neighbors to the east again!! YES!!!

Now for a question. Do you guys have tons of these butterfly/moth bugs at your house?

Does anyone know anything about them. They are all over at our house. Thankfully they are outside. Just was wondered about them.

Speaking of BUGS--Lexi woke up this morning with FEVER!!! GRRRR--I think this is about the 6th week we have been struggling with something. However, I hear we are not the only ones that are struggling with this. Hopefully we can get healthy soon!!!

I was looking back at some older posts this morning and ran across the one I did before Mother's Day and noticed I didn't ever post the finished product. Yes, this is the flower pot we painted and jazzed up for Matt's mom for Mother's Day. She really liked it. Funny story: she called me about a month and a half after and asked what kind of glue I had used. My heart sank and I said--why did the gems all fall off. She said no!! She said it is holding up wonderfully. She had covered a bowling ball with glass gems and took it outside and they are started falling off.

I think I will now go work on a craft project of some sort--I was going to organize something; however, with Lexi home sick I am a little depressed and I am going to craft instead of clean.

Well today's post is a lot about nothing, but it was a least something new to read!!! And there were pictures too!! Two points for me!! Have a great day.

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Jaci said...

You are so funny! Love your blog.