Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Making a list . . checkin it twice

My homepage tells me this morning that there are 10 days til Christmas!!!!! That is why I am making a list and checking it twice. My goal this year is not to be wrapping presents the day of the party. Now I do reserve the right to wrap the presents that are still on my craft table, not yet completed, minutes before the party. The goal is to wrap all the presents that have been store bought before, Friday at 3:30 p.m. when the bus drops off

these five smiling, over-sugared (parties on Friday) children. So we will be able to do fun things together instead of them (the little ones) doing bad things while Mommy is shut up in her bedroom wrapping Christmas gifts.

So back to my list:

Teacher gifts/bus driver gift: (Just a note: if time allows later in the week I will show you what is in the bags for our teachers.)

Check---they went to school yesterday.

Christmas postcards: (will post it later for all of you)

Check--they are heading to the Post Office this morning!!!!

Let's see now next on my list--a trip to the grocery store!! Then home for lunch-then off to school for a Christmas program. Back home to make supper and greet children--back to school to pick up Logan--back home to feed the children and then back to school for the second music program of the day.

Well today sounds pretty relaxing. (ha ha) This is our CRAZY day this week!!! Hope your day isn't as crazy as ours and hopefully not CRAZIER!!!

I must get going now if I am planning on checking anything else off of our list today!!!


Sarah said...

Your gifts looks so creative! Makes me wish I was the bus driver to get something from you :)

Good luck with that CrAzY day! Let's see, so far today I've gotten puked on. Yuck. Hope your kiddos are staying healthy! ;)

Vanessa said...

Wow! What a crazy day! Driving to school 3 times in one day is a lot! Hope it's a good one, though!

Pam said...

enjoy your relaxing week!! I still need to buy more gifts!! I did wrap some yesterday too! & hope to wrap some more today! working on those cards!