Thursday, September 10, 2009

A place to hang---your headbands

So where, do you store your headbands? I have been making Lyndsi and Lexi some new headbands to wear to school. I just love this pattern, if you remember way back in February I made some for Lauren. I discovered this summer that they really work well for Lyndsi and Lexi.

So I have spent the last couple of weeks making some for them. They really don't take long, but you know how it is you make one here and there--finish them as you need them. The pattern came from Heather Bailey's blog. It is really easy and you make them to fit you. So now that I have all these headbands, where and how do you store them?
So I came up with this headband stand. I went to the local hardware store and made two purchases:

Look at all that pipe!! (I still have some left)

All that pipe cost me about $4-I had to take it home and cut it myself; however, since I was coming up with pattern on my own that worked out best for me.

After my trip to the hardware store, I did have to go to Wal-mart to get the block and spray paint. But it was quick and easy to put together--it ended up being bigger than I really wanted, but it does the job. You know how it is with kids--they won't want to wear headbands in 6 months from now anyway--so for now it is a great storage solution for us. So that is where we hang our headbands!!


Jamie R said...

I have that pattern somewhere, I was so excited about it, but never did get around to using it, I hate when that happens. You are the girl!

steffenboysmom said...

You're so crafty Julie! Do you have a solution to finding dirty socks in places that are tough to get to like behind the couch?