Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh where has my little dog gone?

I'm sure you all remember back in April when I caved in and said yes to getting a puppy. Murphy was the new addition to our crew. He was a cute little fur ball. Well-----don't worry Murphy is still here but---he is sure not little anymore.

Here is my little dog?
OK-first this is not my dog. Logan is his mater! Second, he is not little.

As you can see he has really grown; however, he still is a puppy. He can run like a speeding car and jump like a high jumper (just a note: if you live in a house with kids that do not like pets these are not good qualities for your dog to have).

Normally, Murphy stays in a very large pen and that keeps him away from guests we may have and it also keeps off the road, but we let him run free each day you should see him go.

This is the picture I took of Murphy--see he know that if he wants me to pet him he must lay down. The only problem is sometimes he forgets. He looks so sweet here. He can be if he is not digging up flowers, jumping on someone or something else he is not supposed to be doing.

OK there you have it--a Murphy update!!!


Carol said...

Wow, Murphy is getting so big. What a handsome boy he is.

Jamie R said...

I can't believe those little puppies turned out quite that big, whew, glad I didn't take one home:)

Anonymous said...

Ilove him sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!