Friday, June 12, 2009


Well thankfully it is FRIDAY!!! WOW I don't know where the first week of Bible School has gone. For those of you wondering how Ubby is doing--he now loves going to Bible School, because he goes with his own NANNY!!! Yes, I took Lauren's friend on Wednesday and Ubby stayed with her and didn't cry. Finally near the end he did manage to leave her side to play in a few rounds of Duck-Duck-Goose!!
Yesterday, we took my favorite niece (she is the only niece I have) along to play with Ubby and the day went a lot better. (Sorry Bre-not my favorite picture of you but couldn't find the one I wanted!)

OK it is now Friday, I am tired and not in the mood to fight with Ubby today, so Lauren's kind and way to nice friend will be returning with us today.

Enough about Ubby--I am teaching in the fifth grade and we have an AWESOME group of kids.
They are very well behaved and are really excited each day to come and learn more about Jesus. (We have been studying the life of Jesus.) They are also really enjoying working on their craft and knotting comforters. (I would post the picture; however, I kind of like to let people know that they may appear on my blog.) (Oh unless your family or close friends they just realize that they run that risk and any time. Unless you are my grandparents, they don't know that I have a blog. I am not sure that they even know what that is. )

Hope that you all have a great day!!


Jessica said...

I'm glad Ladan is doing better!5th grade has been amazing! We are fortunate to have such a respectful, well behaved class!

Jessica (n)

Anonymous said...

Good to hear Ladan is doing better, my girls said on Thursday "he didn't cry at all today mommy" It's been fun teaching 5th grade with you Julie...what a great group!
Tara R.

amy gerber said...

I'm glad to hear that some there are other little boys not so keen on going to Bible School. And I like the personal nanny idea...