Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More pictures--you asked for it.

OK--maybe you are not a comment reader, but for those of you that are a comment reader or those that comment you asked to see more pictures, so here they are-- just a few more of my favorites. My parents should be so proud--they may finally be getting their money out of these pictures. (They are off the closet shelf!!) (Please remember the year is 1991--BIG hair is everything (oh yes-I can almost smell the hair spray!!))

Here is a priceless shot of Janelle (from: Lovin' Life). Isn't she so cute in here--I spray painted that basket all by myself!!!

Here is a great shot of my lovely friends--aren't they a vision in pink!! Thanks ladies for wearing that outfit--you are true friends. Yes Kelley -- I know you are family!!
OK--finally the picture you have all been waiting for---PAM at my wedding. Sorry about this shot I should have turned this before I scanned it!! Pam- you should be very thankful that those balloons are covering up most of your bump!!But never fear I have a second photo of this:

a much better picture of your bump--however, there are no pictures of you in slippers.

The kids have really enjoyed checking out our Wedding pictures. Wow Wedding pictures have come a long way. I couldn't wind up this post about our Wedding without sharing at least 1 more picture.

Here is one of the few pictures of Mom from the Wedding. As you can see she hasn't changed that much. Except everything on her is a little smaller now, her hair, her waist and her glasses.

I hope you have enjoyed walking down memory lane with me, and I also hope you people that comment (I love comments!!) have learned a lesson--be careful what you ask for.


Janel said...

Yesterday was my mom and dad's 23rd anniversary!! Hope you had a great day!!

Carol said...

Oh, gone are the days of really big hair and my "Stiff Stuff". Remember that hairspray? Nice hair, Pam.

Sarah said...

Oh man, these are GREAT. I tried to double-click to enlarge, but didn't have any luck ;( Thats okay, I atleast could see the big hair.

You were a beautiful Bride!!

Thanks for more pics!!

Anonymous said...

the only thing missing from these pictures are mullets....