Friday, March 6, 2009

World Relief

Last night, I went to World Relief Projects at church. I enjoy going, it is sometimes hard for me to leave after supper. It is always such a blessing to g0 and once I am there, I'm sure thankful that I did.
Enjoy some of the pictures from my outing!! Knotting comforter!!Sometimes it pays to be small.

We made pillowcases for kits being sent---OK I don't know where they are going--but we made pillowcases!!
Many hands to get the work done!!!
I think if you count we had 8 ladies sewing last night!

There are even jobs for those that don't want to sew!
Of course it wouldn't be an Apostolic event if we didn't have a snack!!

A chance to sit down with ladies and chat about what's new!

We accomplished a lot last night. We completed 42 pillowcase, 2 flannel blankets and knotted 3 comforters! Also we replaced several sewing machine needles, made many parts for pillowcases and how can you count the fun and fellowship???
It was a great time with old friends and a chance to get know a few ladies better!! Thanks for a great time girls!!!


steffenboysmom said...

I've noticed that quilting and sewing is a struggling thing at the big M. A "few" of us young girls are still trying to learn. I wonder how we can spark new interest in this lost art?

Sarah said...

I agree with Tara! It IS becoming a lost art.

Julie, this looks like so much fun!! What a great group of people too! Keep up the great work!

Oh, and to reply back to your comment on my blog: I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO ABOUT MAISIE!! I probably shouldn't have asked everyone's opinions - it confused me:). Still up in the air ;)

Carol said...

It sounds like a great ministry and is good that you went out and took some time for yourself. There are going to be some really blessed people.

soli deo gloria said...

Oh evening sewing-it's been too long. I always enjoyed coming and will perhaps have to come again soon! Jane

Pam said...

It's been a long time, a lifetime ago... kinda sad.

Joni said...

42 pillowcases!!! Julie I am so amazed at how much you girls get done!! That is awesome!! I broke 2 needles sewing Kylee's wings the other day for Character Day. .Ugh.