Friday, March 13, 2009

The Book Report

When you think of parenthood you think of babies, bottles, car seats--did you really think about the other stuff that comes with being a parent? Did you ever think about the hours you would spend waiting for the bus, overdue library books, trips to the dentist office or BOOK REPORTS?

Never did I even think about book reports when I thought about having kids. Now, I have help complete more book reports than I have ever even imagined! The bad news is half of my kids haven't even started doing book reports!

When I was in school I remember doing a couple of them. It wasn't too hard you sit down with a piece of notebook paper and report on what you have read. At the time it seemed like a lot to ask, but, you did it. I even remember being in the 6th grade and doing a report on Ramona Qumiby age 8. I had to dress up like Ramona and tell the story as if I was her. I guess they still do that Landon did one of those in the 5th grade of course he was not Ramona.

But we have made mobiles, board games, card games, filled a sack with 3 items that relate to something in the story, made a mini scrapbook and the list goes on and on. But the book report I helped with last night was the largest one we have ever completed. The assignment was a time line. That isn't hard-- we have done time lines before. So off and on all day I thought about different ways we could do it-Logan was maybe going to be bringing home the paper to put it on.

When Logan came of the bus, he was carrying a roll of paper that would cover a table, I was shocked we had never done a time line that large. Thankfully we were able to trim it up a little. We worked on it several hours--the Internet has made book reports so much easier--you can print a picture of anything you want.
Our book report, (I mean Logan' book report) on Who was Ronald Reagan? is now done. It left on the bus this morning! Hopefully it arrived safely to school.

Hopefully Logan (and Landon, Lauren and Lyndsi) arrived safely too. You know you can really get attached to these reports. I am considering e-mailing Logan's teacher to see if she has them graded yet. Just kidding -- she isn't there today. I guess I'll have to wait. (Maybe I can e-mail her Tuesday.)

I am considering starting a side business: BOOK REPORT AID. I could help give tips and ideas. Maybe I'll start smaller and just have a hot line for parents who just want someone to talk to!!!


Sarah said...


That is so funny. The part about hoping your other kiddos arrived to school safely cracked me up!! That timeline looks great! Logan is such a cutie. I had him in Kindergarden Sunday School - such a sweet kid.

I'll know who to call when Emitt needs help on his reports ;)

Have a great weekend!

BTW, it must be your lucky month...winning a cat AND a cookbook! How do you do it? Great 80's pictures too! ;)

Joni said...

oh Julie I wondered if the book report would make the blog. I was betting on that or the apples by Lauren. He did a beautiful job. I'm sure glad it wasn't raining today to haul that precious thing on the bus! TAlk to you soon!

Carol said...

Hey Julie,

Yes I hand piece and hand quilt. It's crazy!! I haven't gotten up the nerve to learn how to use a sewing machine, although I am ready to conquer the fear. The thing is now I would have to buy one in the U.S. and take it on the plane back with me. We'll be back in August and I'm seriously considering it.

Have a great weekend. I will read your newest post a little later. We're busy preparing for small group tonight.

Have a great weekend!

steffenboysmom said...

I know exactly what you mean Julie!!! I hate those things! I have decided to try to let my child "do" most of the report after I helped a little too much last year and the teacher commented," Daniel, is ANY of the writing yours?" ooops.