Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ubby in King Kong

Ubby's videos have reached over 1,100 views on Tangle(the new name for Godtube). Check out Ubby in his new video!

Landon creates this awesome footage for us. In the beginning of the movie, it is stop motion and Ubby's Megablocks build into a skyscraper. Then Ubby comes in as King Kong and wrecks the tower. It is black and white and has a vintage look to look like the old King Kong movie. This video has a blooper at the end!


Sarah said...

Oh, my, that is SO CUTE!!

WOW! I'm so impressed that Landon can do that. Where in the world did he learn?

You can tell Ubby is so proud of himself..cute!

Anonymous said...

This is really cute! What a talented family you have!! I can just see him being the next child star:)
sarah q

steffenboysmom said...

Landon made that? That's awesome Julie! I think you have a media expert on your hands!

Erin said...

Oh my goodness Julie...Ubby is a celebrity! That video is too cute!! Landon has quite the talent! We'll stop by to get your autographs tomorrow :)