Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's Summertime!!

Over the weekend. we put up the pool!!! Now, most of you probably didn't know that we had a pool. Don't bother to start searching back through last years posts to look for pictures and posts about it, because there are no posts and not 1 picture. We do not have a picture of the pool. You all know that cameras and water just don't mix. So this year, I was determined to at least get a picture. Now before I post a picture, let us keep in mind, this is a small above ground pool, nothing fabulous.

 This year, instead of filling it ourselves we decided to hire the Fire Dept. They deliver the water for a small charge. Instead of taking more than a day to fill it with your yucky well water they bring you this beautiful clear water and in 2 trips they fill your pool!!!!

 Oh yea, let's keep in mind when they bring you this beautiful water-- it is a steamy (lol) 55 degrees. And yes, if you are wondering the kids did swim that very afternoon!!! Matt and I didn't swim til Sunday, and by Monday afternoon the water was even warm enough for Grandma Cathy (sorry no picture!!!)
Well that is how we started off weekend!!! Hope that you all had a good one too.

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