Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rather not

Last night, Matt and I went with the Gideons to pass out New Testaments at a local factory. Each year, this company is nice enough to allow us to come and pass out Testaments to their workers in the parking lot. Matt has gone for several years. Actually, Matt is the one that arranges it each year. He needed a little extra help so this year I was invited to come along.

We stood out in the parking lot with boxes of Bibles to hand out. It was truly exciting to see how happy people were to receive this little gift. Some of the workers don't speak English so we had Testaments in their language for them. The men would stick them in their pockets, or some would even start opening them and looking inside.

Not everyone took one, which was fine. Some people were very nice and said they had many Bible at home and they wanted us to save ours to share with those that had none. Others, simply said no thank you and walked on.

But there was one young man last night that was leaving working, heading to his car, checking his cell phone--I asked would you like a Bible--never looking up at me he replied "I'd rather not". He continued to walk . What an interesting response. It has made me think. I wonder if he knew what this little book contained--does he know about the word of God, the plan of salvation, the fact the Jesus died for him?

So if you think about it today, pray for him. Also if you could say a prayer for those 291 people that received the little testaments yesterday, we would appreciate it.

I am truly blessed to have been able to do that last night. I am so thankful for knowing about God and his plan for my life. So thankful that Jesus died on the cross to save me from my sins. Now I pray that some of the people that I met last night will find what I and many of you have.

Have a very blessed day.

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Klint & Sarah said...

Wow. love this post, Julie.

I remember the Gideons passing out Bibles at our Elementary School - loved getting a brand new Bible.

I will send up a prayer right now for that young man!