Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A final post about OK

I know the musical has been almost 2 weeks ago, but it has taken me about that long to recover from the whole thing.

The kids did a great job and once again I learned alot. The kids were great to work with (most of the time).

Here's a quick shot of my friend Danna and her son Jamison (one of Logan's friends). This is the second year that Danna and I have worked together on the costumes. She is great to work with. We had a ton and fun!!!
Lauren and a few of her friends in the dressing room.
If you have a teenage girl at home and think her room is a mess--you should multiply that by 39--oh boy--I mean oh girls!! Check out the mess in the background. The room looked like that every night all week! I never saw the boys dressing room so who knows, what that looked like.

Logan and a few of his friends.

This cute little lady was the greatest gal in the world to work with. She was always telling us how awesome we were. We just loved her!!!!

Well after 2 wonderful performances and a lot of late nights, this was all that was left.

Four loads of dirty laundry.

I washed that up last week and returned it to the school. So in our book, this puts an end the musical---until next year!!! The fun will start all over again.

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Sarah said...

SOOOO fun and super cute costumes!!