Friday, March 25, 2011

Another exciting day of Spring Break

I realize almost everyone went some place fun and exciting over Spring Break and we are no exception. On Monday, Lauren and I loaded the truck and headed out for a new adventure!!!

You see here at the Lehman house, our washing machine has been giving us some trouble. So while the part we need is on order we headed to our local laundry mat. What an adventure!!

We hauled all 8 loads into the building. (I only did laundry once last week, since I had spent a good part of Wednesday doing laundry for the musical.)
We got a few of them going at a time so they all wouldn't finish at the same time.

We did run into a little problem. But a kind AMISH woman doing her laundry their told me how to fix it! Yes, the amish woman, who doesn't have electricity at home, told me how to fix the problem.

It was great fun watching all the machines work at the same time!!! It wasn't much fun loading 13 quarters into each machine. :(

All washed, ready to dry!!!

Lesson learned while at the Laundry mat: It is really a fast!!! Not real cheap, but fast.

So if you ever have a ton of laundry and need it done quickly---go to the laundry mat. But here are a few tips.

Take baskets for each member of your family (that will save time when you get home and have to separate all the clean laundry).
The change machine will give you quarters for a $20. (That is a lot of quarters)
Take lots of hangers too!!
Don't bother with a book--we didn't really have much spare time.

So, that was a fun adventure. Give it a try some time!

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steffenboysmom said...

I bet that did cost you a pretty penny! But ya, 8 loads at once...makes me wish I had 8 machines at my house! Just think!