Friday, July 2, 2010


Yea, I think that covers our day. The day went by really fast. If you remember yesterday, I mentioned that I needed to be making baby gifts. So since I was going to see Blare and Janel and baby Cole last night, I was on a mission to finish his gift.

I also finished baby Ezra's gift. He was born this week and his grandparents are heading down to meet him, so I wanted to send his gift with them.

The kids have been begging for a slip and slide. So while at Wal-mart yesterday ( getting more ribbon) I picked up a slip and slide for $5. Yes, it did last more than one day--so the plan is they are going out after breakfast today for more fun. I suggested waiting til after lunch. You know you use water from the hose--so it is COLD!

Finally, last night my uncle is home from Colorado, so Grandpa and Grandma G. took the crew to Pizza King. (Some of us were unable to be there, like Matt--who has been gone all week!! )

Oops!! I noticed I don't have a picture of the rest of the kids. Sorry!!

Let me wrap up yesterday, sewing, slip-n-slide and supper---A SUPER SUMMER DAY!!!

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Susie said...

Loving your alliteration!