Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Corn--how fun!!! My grandfather is a farmer and for as long as I can remember we have had all the sweet corn a person could want. So following tradition, yesterday, the kids and I froze some corn so we can enjoy it all year long.

Some of my friends freeze corn--they always want to know how many dozen ear we have done. I actually didn't count--'

I don't think it really matters I am going with the answer SEVERAL.

There are many new ways to freeze corn, but I am of the opinion that Grandma has done it this way for YEARS so if it is good enough for her--it is good enough for me.

Let me just share the process, our family has used for years.

First, husk the corn!!! (Sorry no picture--I was 90 degrees and 5 of the kids were helping me.)

Then you bring it to a boil.

Then take it outside--and run it under the hose!!!

Bring it back inside for a nice ICE bath!!!!


(OOPS!!! No picture again!!!---but I do have a picture of it boiling again. When you cook it about 15-20 ears at a time--you spend a little time watching corn boil.)

Next cut it off the cob!!!

Then bag it!!! And FREEZE!!!

Corn--what fun!! Thankfully we are done for another year! Now today, LAUNDRY!! I never do laundry on Wednesday, but it is always fun to try something new---however, I am not sure that that applies to laundry.

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