Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The end

Last night, we completed our journey through the book James. You see our church offered a Bible study on the book of James for anyone that was interested. You picked a time that worked for you and they randomly put us into groups of about 15. (We had about 500 people sign up!!!)

So, in Feb 2010 we began a 12 week journey through the book of James. Each week we would do our lesson, meet to discuss our answers and share prayer requests.

I don't know if you can read the front of the book, but it reads: "A life-changing encounter with God's Word from the book of JAMES" and that is exactly what it was. Not only did we gain a lot of knowledge from God's Word; however, we now have 13 new friends. I guess not all of them are new, I've known some of them for a while, but now I know them better.

Well last night was week 12!! So in total Apostolic tradtion we had to have a meal.
Hey I just noticed that 2 of my friends are hiding in this picture. Don't worry I have more.

If you haven't read James in a while--you might want to check it out again. If you are really wanting a challenge find 10 or so people that you want to get to know better and ask them to spend 12 weeks with you studying the Bible. Then you too will have a life-changing encounter with God's Word.
The journey was a great one. I learned so much in the book of James. However, the friendships we built along the way are a real treasure. It reminds me of the little song I learned at Sunshine Camp many years ago: Make new friends but keep the old--one is silver and the other is gold. Thanks to everyone in the group--you are great people and to Pat sorry about the picture of you, but I wanted to make sure I pictured everyone and maybe you will even leave me a comment. But remember what we have learned about the tongue.
So sad that we are done--hoping that to do another study sometime.


Sarah said...

Great re-cap from the James Study!

jackie said...

We (well, really our pastor) went through the entire book of James at was very exhaustive (weeks and weeks and weeks!), and we LOVED it!! Such a great book.