Friday, April 16, 2010

Coming soon!!!

Yes, it is an exciting day at the Lehman house. Ubby has been talking about it all week and today we are officially starting. Ubby has been wanting a sand box and he just left with Matt to go to the hardware store to get the supplies. Hopefully he is not too disappointed when he gets home and finds out that it will be next week until there is a sand box you can actually play in. Have a great weekend.


Carol said...

Yay for Ubby and his new sandbox! Look forward to seeing pictures.

How are you? We're up to our eyebrows, quite literally, in boxes. We'll get there...

Anonymous said...

We just built Lexie a sandbox!! It's big, but figured it'll have more than 1 kid in it at a time. Since Todd is busy in the fields, my dad came out to build it. All it needs now is sand! Waiting on daddy to find some extra time to go get a load. Hope he enjoys it and the building of it goes well!

Jessica (T)