Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Yes, I am helping with the costumes for our school spring musical!!!! The Wizard of Oz!

Sarah Q. guessed correctly. I wish there was a prize; however, I am spending most of my time hemming dresses, fixing seam and spray painting odds and ends. I have sown a few things from scratch.
I am working with some really great people. Abby and Danna have been a ton of fun (sorry no pictures of them yet). Danna already thinks I am crazy, I am sure not going to ask already if can take her picture and post it on my blog. I am waiting til she knows for sure that I am CRAZY!!!!!

But I do have a few pictures for you. Last night I finally took the camera so I could show you what we have to work with. This is the costume room. We are not using all of these, this is just the stuff we had to pick from.Here is one of my favorite projects: The Tin man costume:
One of the men in charge suggested spray painting a sweat suit. I didn't think it would work; however, after about 5 cans of spray paint--I think we are almost finished. However, we are creating a few pieces to go with it a hood, some spats (shoe covers) and padded joints. We looked at it under that lights last night and I think maybe some spray glitter maybe on our shopping list. I know I am heading back to the local hardware store today to shop for a few other things to jazz up the Tin man yet.
This is my Oz homework bag. Can you guess what else is on the to do list today? If you said scarecrow--you are right!! Once again, sorry there is no prize. :( He only needs a few things to put with his jeans and flannel shirt!!

Danna has made the greatest lion costume. She is very talented. This is maybe the third year she has helped and she is a real pro!! Can't wait to show you that outfit.

Well I must be going. I have got tons of homework to be doing. I've got my Oz work plus we are in the James Bible Study with our church and that's right that homework needs to be done too.

Have a great day everyone!!!!!!


steffenboysmom said...

How fun!!! Can't wait to see the musical!

Anonymous said...

wow...those costumes look neat:) so how will you do the wicked witch? keep us posted!
sarah q