Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We have a WINNER!!

Yes, I realize that it is Tuesday and the contest ended Friday at noon. With all the snow we had over the weekend and the snow we are receiving right now and card day with my friends yesterday, I've been too busy to post!!
So without further delay!
Yesterday morning before school I put all your names in a bowl and Logan pulled one out!!

The winner is . . . . . . . .


Check out here blog here!!! Congrats Carol!!! Right now Carol and her family live in England; however, they are moving back to the states next month. Go over to her blog and read about some the great things they have done.
Thanks to all of you have commented!! I love my commenter's!!!! I wish I could send you all a prize. Thanks for reading!!!!


Carol said...


Is it really me?!!! I couldn't click on the link to see if it was me or another Carol. I am so excited if it is. I love what you have made. Thank you so much. Or thank you for the "other" Carol if she won. Haha!

Don't worry. You will not have to mail it all the way to England. I'll be moving soon and can get it personally if you wouldn't mind or you could bring it to my MIL.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Carol! Oh Julie, I'm sure you could send us all a prize ;)

Jessica (T)

Pam said...

Yeah! Carol!!! I really think Julie could whip us all up one, all before the bus comes!! Oh, yeah, the bus didn't come today... so see... there really is no excuse... except maybe the 6 kids that take over the house! Not that that is happening here!!

steffenboysmom said...

congrats Carol! She's a sweetie that's for sure!